Creation Stories

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Cultural Creation Myths
Students will explore different cultures' supernatural explanations for human existence in several societies. They will identify the common elements between the stories and use these common elements to write a play according to one of the selections provided by the teacher. This lesson is designed for high school students.

How Raven Gave Light to the World
This downloadable, captioned video (2:10) depicts the story as told by Shirley Kendall (Eagle Moiety), originally from the Alaskan village of Hoonah. It is illustrated with video of Native dancers and Alaskan scenery, as well as with images depicting Raven.

Maui and the Creation of the Islands
This 4-minute video presents the telling of the story, "Maui and the Creation of the Islands" by Tom Cummings. It features storyteller Kealoha Kelekolio, and is illustrated with images and graphics of the Hawaiian Islands.

Mything Links: Creation Myths & Sacred Narratives of Creation
Graphics, scholarship, and links to stories.