William Blake
Lesson plans and teaching strategies

Blake's "The Chimney Sweeper": Literature and Injustice
Follow the link to download key questions, learning activities, extension activities, and related links. Download is 3 pages, requires Adobe Reader.

Childhood Through the Looking Glass
Students compare Lewis Carroll's vision of childhood with that presented by Blake in his illuminated Songs of Innocence and Experience .

"The Lamb" and "The Tyger"
In this YouTube video (9:51), a classroom teacher introduces, reads, and analyzes the poems.

"Little Boy Lost" and "Little Boy Found"
Careful analysis.

"Little Boy Lost" and "Little Boy Found"
Among the teaching resources here, the subject video helps students visualize the poems.

Among the teaching resources here, the subject video helps students hear and see the poem.

Poems by William Blake
Commentary on Blake's poetry in general, on "The Little Boy Lost," "The Little Boy Found," "The Tyger," "The Lamb," "A Poison Tree," "The Human Abstract," and "London" in particular.

Poetry and Allusions, Symbols, and Apostrophe
This lesson uses "The Sick Rose" to teach symbol, allusion, and apostrophe.

Powerful Lesson Plans
Students will read "The Chimney Sweeper" and "London" and evaluate them based on the historical context and political commentary that Blake exposes.

Repeat After Us
Audio files of several Blake poems. A good site for LD students, ELL students, and for those who read well and might like to record and contribute. Scroll down on the page for audio files of texts by other writers.

Study Questions on William Blake
This page includes 78 questions on poems from Songs of Innocence , Songs of Experience , and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell .

"The Tyger": A Close Reading
Introduction. Follow the link to download guiding questions, prereading and other learning activities, connections beyond the text. 3 pages; Adobe Reader required for download.

William Blake's Notebook
Click to see pages from Blake's notebook. Includes both text and audio commentary. Give the site time to load before trying to "turn the page" virtually.

William Blake
Biography, analysis, a model of close reading, link to lesson plan, and related links from the British Library

William Blake
Criticism, limited biography, and e-texts from the Internet Public Library.

William Blake
Biography, poetry, quotations, and a forum for posting or chatting.

William Blake Study Questions
On this page find study/discussion questions for Songs of Innocence (general questions, "Introduction," "The Lamb," "Holy Thursday," "The Divine Image," and "The Little Black Boy") and Songs of Experience ("Introduction," "A Divine Image," "Holy Thursday (II)," "The Clod and the Pebble," "The Sick Rose," "A Poison Tree," "The Tyger," ""My Pretty Rose Tree" / "Ah Sun-flower," "The Garden of Love, and" "London."