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If you are planning to become a physician and are beginning to think about applying to medical school, Varsity Tutors can help you to register for a Detroit MCAT course to help assist you in the path towards your upcoming life in medicine. Whether you have always wanted to become a general surgeon or hope to become a psychiatrist, a good score on the MCAT is in your best interests.

If you are thinking of applying to local Michigan medical schools including Wayne State University School of Medicine or Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, your MCAT result will be part of your application. It will be important to start organizing your study plan early-on for optimal preparedness.

Signing up for and preparing to take the MCAT can seem like a difficult task at first, but you do not have to go through the experience by yourself. After registering for a Detroit MCAT course, you will have the ability to access live, interactive online review courses which are taught by expert instructors who are prepared to help you do your best on the MCAT. And because understanding the test format helps you to feel more prepared and receive better scores, our courses help you to better comprehend the ways in which the MCAT sections are structured. Let's take a minute to go over the different elements of the exam.

Which subjects could a Detroit MCAT course help me to review?

The MCAT is broken down into four parts, which you can learn more about when you enroll in a Detroit MCAT course: Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems, Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills, and Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior. You will have 6 hours and 15 minutes to finish the exam, but you'll spend around 7 and a half hours at the test facility on the day of the exam. When preparing for the test, you will want to practice efficiency and accuracy to ensure you are using your time wisely.

When you take the Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems section, you will be asked 59 questions, including questions based on 10 excerpts as well as 15 independent questions. You will be given 95 minutes to complete this part of the exam. The topics in this section will focus on fundamental topics in biology and biochemistry, as well as general chemistry and organic chemistry. You'll want to gain a solid understanding for this section of how cells and organ systems work together and apart in the living systems.

Next, in the Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems section, you will be allotted 95 minutes to respond to 59 questions, which are broken down into 10 excerpt-based question sets and 15 individual questions. These questions pertain to the ways in which organ systems, chemical, and physical elements of living systems work. For this section, you'll want to review how mechanical, physical, and biochemical mechanisms occur in the body.

During the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section, you will be asked 53 questions divided into 9 question sets. These questions will be based on social sciences and humanities excerpts. You will have a total of 90 minutes to finish this part of the exam. These questions will assess your ability to understand texts, analyze specific passages, and practice verbal reasoning. It will also test your understanding of the English language. Before taking this part of the test, you'll want to strengthen your skills at extrapolating key aspects of passages, applying new information to excerpts, and inferring meaning from excerpts.

Last, you will take a Physical, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section. You will be given 95 minutes to finish this part of the exam, which involves 59 questions. These questions will be based on 10 excerpts as well as 15 independent questions. This part of the exam will test your skills in sociology, biology, and introductory psychology. Before taking this part of the test, you'll want to review topics such as human behavior, the ways in which varying cultural and social contexts affect health, the ways in which psychology and social factors affect mental health, and the ways in which access to resources affects overall wellness.

In what ways could a Detroit MCAT class help me to review?

MCAT class are offered in an online environment that is comparable to a classroom format but is accessible right from your computer. When you register for a Detroit MCAT class, you have the option to choose between a 4-week class and a shorter 2-week class based on what most fits your individual schedule. Classes begin each week, so it's simple for you to start a class at the time that feels right for you.

There are many ways in which a class that is offered online can benefit you. For example, the classes feature a format that gives you the opportunity to review topics in collaboration with your peers. Peer learning settings can strengthen understanding of topics and also lead to better test scores. Furthermore, interactive learning gives you the ability to ask questions, which further cultivates your learning process. And because the classes are all online, you can learn from whichever location you like, from your kitchen table to the library down the road. If you find that certain topics are especially challenging, you also have the choice to ask to work individually with your instructor outside of sessions.

How can I sign up to take a Detroit MCAT prep course?

You can sign up for an MCAT prep course with the help of Varsity Tutors. We understand how packed your life is and can help you to select the class that optimally suits your personal schedule. Planning for and studying for the MCAT may initially seem quite stressful, but we are here to help support you in that process, which could eventually lead to a satisfying future in the medical field.

Reach out to Varsity Tutors today to find out more about how a Detroit MCAT prep course can help support you in your MCAT review.

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