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If you are a human resources professional looking to bolster your review in preparation for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a comprehensive Boulder SHRM certification course that can help advance your studies. The SHRM, or Society for Human Resource Management, has two different exams: Certified Professional or Senior Certified Professional. While you have undoubtedly learned quite a bit from your degree at a school like the University of Colorado-Boulder and you've accumulated plenty of on-the-job experience, the SHRM will ask you to answer challenging questions that draw on skills and knowledge that you may not use on a daily basis. Gaining SHRM certification can diversify your employment outlook by demonstrating to employers your high level of knowledge and skills, as well as illustrate that you are an expert in the field of HR. Supplementing your review with Boulder SHRM certification training might be the boost you need on your path to certification.

The eligibility requirements for taking the SHRM vary based on one's highest level of education completed and the number of years spent working in a professional-level HR position. For applicants looking to take the SHRM-CP, those with less than a bachelor's degree must have at least three years in an HR role. Those with a bachelor's degree must have at least one year of experience, and those with a master's degree must currently be in an HR role. To apply for the SHRM-SCP, the respective years of experience required increase, with bachelor's degree holders needing four years, master's degree holders needing three years, and those with less than a bachelor's degree needing six years in an HR role. If your degree or program is not HR-related, an extra year of experience is required on top of the standard requirements. Both exams are four hours long and task individuals with answering 160 multiple-choice questions. The multiple-choice questions are broken into two types: knowledge-based items and situational judgment items. These questions will test your knowledge of best practices for managing globally diverse workforces, approaches to employee onboarding, and project planning, among other things.

Enrolling in a Boulder SHRM certification class allows you to learn from an expert instructor capable of accommodating a variety of students. You will attend live sessions with other classmates in a virtual classroom. This collaborative learning environment will provide you with plenty of opportunities to interact with your peers, and these interactions may take many forms, such as group discussions or small group assignments. Since you will be reviewing with other HR professionals, your classmates can provide insight based on their own experiences in the field and share perspectives and learning strategies that you may not have thought of if you were simply studying for the test on your own. Studying with peers can also be a great way to remain motivated throughout your review and inspire you to participate more freely in group discussions and exercises. During your sessions, your instructor might use a variety of teaching techniques and resources, ranging from visual aids to structured lectures that feature engaging mixed-media materials. If you are struggling to internalize ethical business principles and practices, you can arrange one-on-one time with your instructor to receive clarification.

Whether you are seeking certification to maintain your current HR position or you want to leverage your certification and pursue a new job opportunity, we realize that it can be hard to find time to study in a schedule already packed with personal and professional commitments. Our online courses are designed to provide learners with maximum flexibility. Varsity Tutors offers new course selections every month, and you can choose between two-week or four-week courses. Sections take place on different days and at different times, so you can enroll in a Boulder SHRM certification course that best matches your availability. Our educational consultants are standing by, ready to answer your questions. Contact Varsity Tutors to enroll in Boulder SHRM certification training today.

SHRM Certifications

  • SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)
  • SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)

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