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Varsity Tutors can enroll anyone pursuing a future in teaching English as a second language or as a foreign language with an Austin TESOL certification course that will give you a comprehensive overview of skills you can employ in your career as a teacher. TESOL stands for "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages," and is a general term that applies to anyone teaching English to non-native speakers, either domestically or abroad. The TESOL International Association is a professional organization that offers membership to those who qualify. Membership will give you access to resources like workshops and seminars put on by leading voices in the field of English instruction as well as the TESOL Online Career Center for the purpose of job placement. TESOL membership doesn't certify you to teach English on its own, but it can open up career opportunities, and the skills you'll use to pass a TESOL certificate program overlap with the skills that you'll need to earn a teaching license or enter an international TEFL program, so supplementary training can be an effective way to invest in your future.

The prerequisites for the TEFL and TESL vary from state to state and country to country. If you'd like to teach ESL in the United States you'll have to comply with your state's licensing requirements, and if you're planning on teaching EFL internationally you'll have to look to the requirements of the program that will employ you in the country you're aiming to teach in. In either case, some programs will ask you to have a degree from a four-year school like the University of Texas at Austin, Saint Edward's University, or another college or university, although this isn't always necessary. Should you enroll in Austin TESOL certification training you'll be placed in an online classroom where an expert instructor can review the sort of applicable knowledge that you'll need to master in order to teach effectively, regardless of what your goals are.

Your instructor can provide lectures on pedagogical fundamentals like curriculum design, presentation and evaluation of lesson plans, the identification and pursuit of learning objectives, and various approaches to teaching students to speak, read, and write in English. You can work with classmates in collaborative activities such as creating your own classroom materials or curricula and engage in group discussions where you can be exposed to the diverse perspectives of other prospective ESL and EFL teachers. This can help you see topics like learning and teaching styles or dealing with disruptive behavior in the classroom in a new light, and give you a more well-rounded view of classroom dynamics. You can request private meetings with your instructor to get questions cleared up and move forward with confidence knowing that you're building on a solid foundation of knowledge.

Traditional classrooms can pose barriers to attendance, most notably the amount of time consumed by commuting to and from class. This can be a problem for those with busy professional and academic lives, and prevent you from getting the instruction you need. This is why Austin TESOL certification training is presented entirely online through our video chat platform, allowing you to work with your classmates face-to-face from whatever location is most convenient for you. There are a variety of class times available, as well as both two-week and four-week class sections. New classes start monthly, so you can find something that suits your schedule quickly.

If you reach out to Varsity Tutors today we can get you signed up for an Austin TESOL certification class in no time. Whether you're pursuing TESOL membership, or are looking for a way to get extra support as you work towards meeting your ESL or EFL teaching requirements, we can meet your needs, so give us a call and get started.

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