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Feel more confident in your ability to do your best on the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam by letting Varsity Tutors enroll you in Virginia Beach CAPM certification training. By taking a training course, you can learn more about the certification itself as well as the exam's format and specific test concepts. One benefit of earning your CAPM certification is getting the opportunity to stand out from the competition in the project management job market. In your course, you could get the help you need to increase your professional skills and reach for success on the test.

CAPM certification, offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is an option for individuals interested in gaining more opportunities in project management or strengthening their current role by earning project management certification. This certification is generally helpful for people who are beginning their journeys in project management or want to prove their capabilities while working as a project management team member. Earning certification requires meeting one of two prerequisites. You must either possess a secondary degree like a high school diploma, associate's degree, or global equivalent and have 1,500 hours of project experience, or have completed 23 hours of education in project management by the time you sit for the exam.

In your Virginia Beach CAPM certification class, your instructor can go over these exam details and also help you get reacquainted with other aspects of the test. For example, you might be reminded in class that the CAPM exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions and grants you a timeframe of 3 hours to complete the test. During your class sessions, your instructor can share different tips for answering multiple-choice questions more efficiently, like eliminating impossible or obviously incorrect answers to narrow your choices. Your instructor might also share tips for answering questions at a steady pace so you can feel more confident in your ability to complete the test without running out of time.

While you have already gained the education and/or experience needed to take the CAPM exam, sometimes it's hard to apply this knowledge on exam day. To help boost your confidence in your ability to answer questions, your Virginia Beach CAPM certification training instructor can help deepen your knowledge of specific concepts. Your instructor might choose to lecture about different types of organizational systems and project scope management or hold a discussion on the hierarchy of portfolios, projects, and programs in which all class members can participate.

The Virginia Beach CAPM certification course is conducted in a virtual classroom you can access from any convenient, distraction-free location, like your home or a quiet public space such as the Oceanfront Area Library. Sessions happen in real time, which means you can interact with your instructor and peers to get answers to questions about the primary functions of a project manager, differences between management and leadership, or other concepts covered on the test. You also have the opportunity to share with your peers your insights during larger discussions or if your instructor decides to break everyone into small groups. You might even get the chance during group time to request a one-on-one session with your instructor for additional support.

Virginia Beach CAPM certification training is designed to help you feel better about your ability to reach for success on exam day. Scheduling is very flexible thanks to new sections beginning each month and the option to choose from a two-week or four-week sessions. To find out how to enroll in a Virginia Beach CAPM certification course and begin the process, reach out to educational consultants at Varsity Tutors today.

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