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NINJA-TUTOR - Best Little Tutor In The Cleveland Area. - All areas MATH, CHEM PHYS Computer programming includes AP Computer Science A. Other programming includes Matlab and Excel. My students have come from all over the U.S. They share my passion because of what I have taught them.. Besides continual self-study, my knowledge comes from Ohio University, Cleveland State, University of Houston, and Capella...I have 4 degrees and working on a PhD. Degrees in Chemical Engineering, Computer Information and Programming, Mathematics and Education. Because of my engineering background, both calculus, differential equation, and chemistry have always been my favorites. My simple philosophy is to be sure that the student understands the current topic of study first before delving into any other advanced areas...that provides the foundation...Outside of teaching, I enjoy country western dancing, roller skating, weight lifting, and; martial arts.. .

Undergraduate Degree:

Ohio University-Main Campus - Bachelors, Chemical Engineering

Graduate Degree:

University of Houston - Masters, mathematics education

weight lifting, martial arts, country western dancing, roller skating


College Physics

Elementary School Math

IB Chemistry

IB Further Mathematics

IB Mathematical Studies

IB Mathematics

IB Physics




Microsoft Excel

PC Basic Computer Skills

Technology and Computer Science

What is your teaching philosophy?

There are several parts of my teaching/tutoring philosophy. Once initial simple verbal and oral diagnostics are done, this helps with baseline for work. Then we immediately proceed from there to get "on-top" of current work, and then go back to previous items as needed. Whether a student is regular, honors, IB, or AP, they still to need to be "taught" the essentials...then from there, I have seen them start to take-off on their own for those particular items...and we can continue as needed.