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As a child, I always had an interest in mathematics. I am very proficient elementary math up to calculus 3. I have a passion for helping people understand mathematics. I am easy to understand, fun to work with and can relate to those who don't understand math by taking the time figuring out their fear and weaknesses in math.

Zacharid’s Qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: Chicago State University - Bachelors, Mathematics


math, video games, excerising

Q & A

What is your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosophy is making sure the person I'm teaching leaves my presents knowing a little more than they came to me with.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

Introduce myself, go over the basics and see where they need the most help in math.

How can you help a student become an independent learner?

I will help a student by giving them techniques that will ease their minds.

How would you help a student stay motivated?

I will motivate the students by showing them that math can be easy and fun if they learn the basics concepts and use good note taking while in class.

If a student has difficulty learning a skill or concept, what would you do?

I will take my time and understand their weaknesses, and show them that math can be done in more than one way sometimes.

How do you help students who are struggling with reading comprehension?

I will help students by telling them that sometimes reading a question more than once can help them better comprehend.

What strategies have you found to be most successful when you start to work with a student?

My strategies are giving the students similar examples and showing them the proper way to solve a problem.

How would you help a student get excited/engaged with a subject that they are struggling in?

By making it fun and giving examples and practice problems until they get the concept.

What techniques would you use to be sure that a student understands the material?

Proper setups, examples and verbal communication.

How do you build a student's confidence in a subject?

By giving a student compliments when they get a problem right on their own.

How do you evaluate a student's needs?

By asking him or her several questions to see where their mind is at, and what needs to be implemented to address their needs.

How do you adapt your tutoring to the student's needs?

By giving them different examples and spending more time helping the student's understand my techniques.

What types of materials do you typically use during a tutoring session?

Pencil, paper, calculator, books and a board if available.