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I am a 4th year student at The University of Chicago majoring in Economics. I recently completed all of my coursework and am now filling my time with the activities I most enjoy. One of these activities is teaching. At the beginning of this academic year, I joined an organization on campus that teaches juniors and seniors at a local high school about community engagement through the lens of philanthropy. Through this, I have the unique opportunity to empower students to become leaders in their community; to provide them a platform to change issues about which they are most passionate. This experience inspires my desire to educate young students; to provide them the tools to be leaders, whether that be in the classroom, on the playing field, or in their community. My time as a youth soccer coach and tutor of my little brother and his friends has further bolstered my love of teaching. Given my extensive experience and longtime passion for math and applied math subjects, I feel I can best help students seeking help in these areas, though I have experience in a broad range of subjects. Outside of teaching, I enjoy playing soccer, basketball, guitar and piano, as well as cooking, hiking and listening to podcasts.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Chicago - BA, Economics

SAT Composite: 2220

SAT Math: 740

SAT Verbal: 700

SAT Writing: 780

Soccer, basketball, guitar, piano, violin, cooking, hiking, listening to podcasts, reading the news