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My name is Alex and I am a proud and recent graduate of Rice University where I received my Master's in Environmental Science with a heavy focus on Environmental Statistics. Before this I attended the University of Texas at Austin where I received my Bachelor's degrees in Geography and Humanities.

Having been exposed to an eclectic background of liberal arts and hard science I am comfortable tutoring across a broad range of subjects and encourage students to see the inherent connections between their work and real-world applications.

Despite my technical background, I am a person who would much rather contemplate the words in a good book rather than the letters of a differential equation. However, my interest in studying the natural world has caused me to suffer through more math classes than I care to count. As a result, I am well-equipped to help 'math-shy' students understand, appreciate, and flourish in a subject that they may have previously disliked.

I believe in forging a relationship between the student and the subject matter with the idea being able to answer the question "when will I ever need to know this?" is the first step to understanding.

Currently, I live in Houston with my bride, Nathalie, and our great big black lab, affectionately know as "The Bear". I love being out-of-doors in any capacity and am an avid soccer-player, swimmer, and cyclist.

Undergraduate Degree:

The University of Texas at Austin - Bachelor in Arts, Geography

Undergraduate Degree:

The University of Texas at Austin - Bachelor in Arts, Humanities

Graduate Degree:

Rice University - Master of Science, Environmental Science

SAT Verbal: 760

Soccer, reading anything about science, calligraphy, playing with our 100 lb. black lab named "Bear"


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College Level American History

College Physics

College World History

Comparative Literature

Elementary School Math

High School Biology

High School Business

High School Chemistry

High School Economics

High School English

High School Level American History

High School Physics

High School World History


Social Sciences