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Enjoy quality San Francisco-Bay Area SHRM certification training provided Varsity Tutors. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers certifications for HR professionals interested in showcasing their competency and knowledge in human resources. Whether you plan to earn the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) or SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), you could get valuable exam preparation assistance by taking a San Francisco-Bay Area SHRM certification class.

If you are ready to build your knowledge of SHRM test concepts, but are not eager to commute to a designated location to take a certification course, San Francisco-Bay Area SHRM certification training can provide an alternative experience. This training course is conducted in an interactive online setting you can access from any location with a reliable internet connection, including your home, office, or anywhere else that is free of distractions. By simply signing into the virtual classroom via a personal computer, you can begin learning.

Sometimes, it can be tough to commit to the certification study process if you have a busy home and work life that makes it difficult to set a steady study schedule. New sections of San Francisco-Bay Area SHRM certification courses begin each month so that there is always a new opportunity to get enrolled. If you're not able to take the course during a specific time of day, you're in luck. San Francisco-Bay Area SHRM certification training sessions are available on different days and at different times of the day, making it easier to find the course the best aligns with your busy schedule. If you would prefer to take your course over a shorter time frame, you can enroll in a two-week session. Four-week sessions are available if you'd like to stretch your course out over a longer period.

The Society for Human Resource Management offers two certification exams for professionals at different stages in their human resource management careers. SHRM-CP certification is ideal for professionals in HR who take part in the operation of a department, serve as the point of contact for staff members and stakeholders, perform daily HR functions, and play a role in implementing policies. SHRM-SCP candidates typically function at a senior level within an organization. Their role is more strategic and involves overseeing the execution of HR functions, developing policies, and analyzing metrics related to performance. SHRM-SCP professionals can also help align HR strategies to an organization's overall goals.

All SHRM certification candidates must meet prerequisites before submitting an application to sit for their respective certification exam. SHRM-CP candidates with a bachelor's degree should have one year in the HR role, while candidates with a graduate degree are simply required to have a current HR position. Professionals with less than a bachelor's degree (ex. associate's degree, some college, qualifying HR certificate program, high school diploma, GED, or work toward a bachelor's degree) must possess three years in an HR role. SHRM-SCP certification requires candidates with a bachelor's degree to have four years in the HR role, while candidates with a graduate degree must possess 3 years in the HR role. Professionals with less than a bachelor's degree are required to have six years in the HR role. These education guidelines apply to programs or degrees that are HR-related. If candidates have completed a degree or program that is not HR-related, one year must be added to the required years worked in an HR role.

Getting SHRM certified can have a tremendous impact on an HR professional's career. In addition to the ability to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and top-notch skills as a leader and expert in HR, professionals are able to prove their value to an organization. This makes it easier to compete for promotion and even negotiate a higher salary with a current employer. Certification also helps individuals interested in securing a new position stand out and become more competitive in the job market.

Studying for a certification exam can feel challenging when you're not sure what to expect on the test. Fortunately, your San Francisco-Bay Area SHRM certification course instructor can provide insight into all aspects of your chosen exam. The SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP tests both feature 160 questions that are divided into two types of multiple-choice questions. Knowledge-based multiple-choice items are designed to measure examinee's grasp of factual information, while situational judgment multiple-choice items test candidates' decision-making skills, judgment, and application through realistic scenarios that could occur in the workplace. To help you do your best on multiple-choice questions, your instructor can provide tips for identifying answers with each question that are impossible or obviously incorrect. This can help you narrow your remaining choices and improve your odds of providing the correct answer.

Your San Francisco-Bay Area SHRM certification training instructor can share other powerful test-taking strategies to help you reach for success on exam day. For instance, you could learn techniques for relaxing before and during the test as well as tips for maintaining your focus. If you're worried about your ability to comprehend each question asked, your instructor can share methods for identifying the most important points so you feel confident that you know how to proceed in providing an answer. Both the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP grant examinees four hours to complete the tests. Your instructor can share insight into the best ways to pace yourself so you don't spend too much time answering questions and risk of running out of time before completing the entire test.

As you prepare for your SHRM certification exam, it's a good idea to get reacquainted with topics you can expect to encounter on test day. In your San Francisco-Bay Area SHRM certification class, your instructor can look at the content distribution of the exam and also explore specific test concepts. Fifty percent of each exam's questions focus on behavioral competency as related to leadership, interpersonal, and business. The remaining 50 percent of questions focus on HR knowledge as it relates to the workplace, people, and organization. Specific topics your instructor can go over in class include approaches to employee onboarding, different codes of conduct, and cultural norms. You can also get better acquainted with project planning, conflict resolution techniques, active listening, and job offer negotiations. Since you have already studied HR at an academic establishment like Stanford University or San Francisco-Bay Area State University, there is no doubt that you have a quality understanding of these concepts. With help from San Francisco-Bay Area SHRM certification training, you can learn how to confidently translate those concepts into a testing environment.

In your online San Francisco-Bay Area SHRM certification course, you have the opportunity to interact with your instructor and classmates in real-time. Any questions or concerns that arise can be immediately addressed during lectures or discussions. You could even request a one-on-one session with your instructor if you'd like additional support. During course sessions, you could collaborate with classmates who are studying for the same certification exam. They can share their professional HR perspective to help deepen your knowledge as you prepare for your exam. You can also provide your insights to contribute to a stronger sense of understanding among your peers.

Get the quality San Francisco-Bay Area SHRM certification training experience you want as you study for your SHRM exam. By enrolling in the class, you can refresh your SHRM knowledge, improve your test-taking skills, and boost your confidence as you pursue success in your HR career. To learn more and find a class that matches your schedule, contact Varsity Tutors and speak with an educational consultant today.

SHRM Certifications

  • SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)
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