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If you're interested in the best Actuarial Exam FM test prep you can get, Varsity Tutors offers one-on-one Actuarial Exam FM classes that could help you reach for your academic goals. Actuarial Exam FM: Financial Management is one of the tests prospective actuaries may need to take in order to earn SOA (Society of Actuaries) certification. It emphasizes topics such as the time value of money, bonds, annuities, and other investment mathematics concepts. If your Actuarial Exam FM prep could use a boost, reach out for more information about our Actuarial Exam FM courses today!

The first step in any comprehensive Actuarial Exam FM prep program is understanding exactly what you can expect on test day. The exam is administered via Computer-Based Testing (CBT), meaning that you work on a computer instead of a paper test booklet. If you are unfamiliar with digital exams, you might want to take several practice tests during Actuarial Exam FM tutoring sessions to help you develop a familiarity with its interface.

Completing practice exams may also help you identify which topics you should be concentrating on in your Actuarial Exam FM prep. For instance, a student who consistently scores better on The Time Value of Money section than the section on Annuities and Non-Contingent Payments should probably concentrate on annuities during their Actuarial Exam FM test preparation. A private Actuarial Exam FM class offers the flexibility of concentrating on a particular topic until you are ready to move on, as you don't need to follow any set curriculum.

Working with private Actuarial Exam FM tutors may also help you get customized Actuarial Exam FM preparation. For instance, graphs and charts may be incorporated into your Actuarial Exam FM test prep if you are a visual learner, while a discussion format may be a better fit for an auditory learner.

Formal Actuarial Exam FM test prep can also give you a sense of everything you need to know for the test. The SOA can be a challenging exam since it involves a comprehensive review of cash flows, amortization, and other topics. The following list is a sampling of topics you'll need to know for the FM exam:

Sample Topics for the FM Exam

  • Define yield rate/rate of return
  • Calculate convexity and duration of cash flow sets
  • Calculate, book value, redemption value, yield rate, and more from sufficient partial information
  • Define amortization of premium
  • Calculate principal repayment and amount of interest of a given payment
  • Calculate level annuity, level perpetuity and more from sufficient partial information on annuity/cash flows
  • Write the equation for value when provided an interest rate for a set of cash flows

Your Actuarial Exam FM course instructor can curate everything above and present it in a more digestible format, helping you feel confident that you are concentrating on the correct material. Some students find that figuring out what they need to know for their exam is half of the battle of Actuarial Exam FM test prep.

Varsity Tutors also makes Actuarial Exam FM prep as convenient as possible. All instruction takes place on our Live Learning Platform, providing the benefits of a physical classroom without the logistical drawbacks. We also try to connect you with an instructor who suits your availability, mitigating irritating scheduling conflicts.

If you would like to discover more about the Actuarial Exam FM test prep solutions Varsity Tutors provides, please contact an Educational Consultant using the information below with any questions you have. We look forward to helping you reach for your academic potential!

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