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The Los Angeles CompTIA A+ certification training provided by Varsity Tutors can give you the support you need if you're studying for the CompTIA A+ certification test. CompTIA A+ is a qualifying credential preferred by companies and organizations if you're applying for an IT operation role like Field Service Technician, Technical Support Specialist, or Desktop Support Analyst. It validates your skills in technical support, but it's about much more than PC repair. With a CompTIA A+ certificate, you can help users access the data they need to accomplish their work regardless of the devices they're using. You can also help them in a variety of needs related to technical support such as installing and troubleshooting different operating systems, troubleshooting connections including TCP/IP, WIFI and SOHO, identifying and protecting against security vulnerabilities for devices, and much more.

CompTIA A+ is one of the four tests you can take under the CompTIA Core certification series. The other exams are CompTIA IT Fundamentals, CompTIA Network, and CompTIA Security. There are no listed prerequisites to take the CompTIA A+, but it is recommended that you have at least 9 to 12 months of relevant, hands-on experience in the lab or field before taking on the test. Once you get A+ certified, you can gain confidence in what you do, promote your expertise to companies, and increase your credibility as an IT professional with your colleagues. You can also use your A+ credential to aim for better job prospects, job promotions, or to potentially negotiate a higher salary. If the CompTIA A+ sounds intimidating, our Los Angeles CompTIA A+ certification course can provide you a thorough review so you can gain the skills and confidence you need on exam day.

If you've been dreaming of pursuing a CompTIA A+ certification but are you are worried about your busy schedule, our Los Angeles CompTIA A+ certification course can be an excellent solution. We offer the course online, so you can complete your studies without worrying about an extra commute. There's no need to travel to a school or a review center in order to attend your lessons. You just need an internet connection so you can log into our virtual classroom. We use our Live Learning Platform where you'll meet your instructor via video chat. You can study in your bedroom, kitchen, office, or any distraction-free location that's comfortable and convenient for you. Some students even study at libraries like the Los Angeles Public Library - Memorial Branch or the West Hollywood Library.

Another benefit of our online Los Angeles CompTIA A+ certification training is that it gives you more flexibility in choosing when you want to study for your test. It's easier to find a course that fits your schedule because we are able to offer a wide range of course times on a given day. You can choose between our two-week course or four-week course depending on how often you're available in a week and how much workload you want. Two-week courses meet more often and can be more demanding compared to four-week courses, which spread the lessons and have a lighter workload. Looking for lessons in the morning? Want to study in the middle of the day? Lessons take place in the morning, afternoon, and evening, so we can enroll you in the section and time slot you're looking for. We also offer weekend courses if you already have a full schedule during weekdays and can only attend lessons on weekends. With the flexibility and range of choices you get with our Los Angeles CompTIA A+ certification course, it can be easier for you to finally pursue your CompTIA A+ certification.

The CompTIA A+ test is composed of two exams—CompTIA A+ 220-901 and CompTIA A+ 220-902. You need to pass both exams in order to get certified. CompTIA A+ 220-901 covers networking and troubleshooting connectivity issues, mobile device hardware, and PC hardware and peripherals, while CompTIA A+ 220-902 tackles operating systems including Windows, Android, Apple OS X, iOS, and Linux. It also covers security and fundamentals of cloud computing and operational procedures. Both exams combine multiple-choice and performance-based questions and can have a maximum of 90 questions. You'll be given 90 minutes to complete each test.

As you can imagine, taking a standardized test like the CompTIA A+ can be challenging. You'll have to master nine skills in order to successfully achieve your certification. These skills include hardware, networking, mobile devices, Windows operating systems, hardware & network troubleshooting, other OS and technologies, software troubleshooting, security, and operational procedures. For example, you'll be tested on your hardware skills through questions that ask you to identify different hardware components and devices, how they are used, and how you connect them to other parts. On the topic of security, you might be asked to identify security vulnerabilities for different devices and their network connections. For mobile devices, you might face questions about configuring laptops and other devices. When you enroll in our Los Angeles CompTIA A+ certification class, you can acquire the skills and knowledge you need for these topics and other topics covered on the test.

Our online Los Angeles CompTIA A+ certification training is led by an expert instructor with industry experience and familiarity with the content and format of the A+ test. He or she can work with you on a variety of practice questions and cases you might encounter on your exam. If you're struggling with any of the nine skills we mentioned, your instructor can help you clear any misunderstood points so you can continue in your review with more confidence and have an easier time learning new topics. Though you may already have some background and experience on tech support, there can still be a lot of scenarios and skills covered on the test that you don't encounter in your daily work. Studying in a comprehensive review with an experienced teacher can give you the practice you need to improve your skills and perform at your best on test day.

Apart from teaching you about the content of CompTIA A+, your instructor can also share useful test-taking techniques and study methods to help you in your review. For example, you can learn how to analyze a question in order to quickly eliminate incorrect answers in your choices. You can also learn how to improve your time management skills so you can use your test time wisely when answering the actual exam.

There will be other students in the Los Angeles CompTIA A+ certification class, so you can have engaging discussions and learn new techniques and insights that may be hard to acquire if you're studying on your own. But of course, if you need extra help, you can reserve one-on-one time with your instructor so you can better address your core difficulties. This personalized attention is another benefit that could help you progress faster in your review.

If you're searching for a convenient way to study for your CompTIA A+ test and want to have an expert teacher to help you with your review, call us now at Varsity Tutors. We can give you more details about our Los Angeles CompTIA A+ certification training and how you can enroll in your preferred course.

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