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Varsity Tutors can assist all types of students by matching them up with Houston Chinese lessons. Whether they're enrolled in Memorial High School, the University of Houston, or another school in the local area, students can take advantage of classes and tutoring to build their skills. There are many students who take a foreign language either to meet school requirements or to just learn something new. Chinese is one language they choose to study. However, some people struggle to learn a foreign language in a classroom environment because the teacher may not be able to address one's individual needs. So, it's highly suggested you seek outside assistance to learn Chinese.

Chinese happens to be the most popular language on Earth. It has many dialects, and Mandarin is a well-known Chinese dialect. Taiwan, Singapore, and China have Mandarin Chinese as their official language. There are other dialects in the Chinese language: Cantonese, Xiang, Wu, Gan, and Hakka. These Chinese dialects share the same writing system, a writing system that's been in existence since the Shang Dynasty. The Chinese language has more than 50,000 characters, and each symbol stands for one syllable. About 20,000 characters are used regularly, and most of written Chinese uses approximately 2,500 characters. Chinese is the only modern pictographic language in the world. Several of the Chinese characters used today originate from ancient drawings of the items they're meant to symbolize. These symbols offer no clues to pronunciation, so they must be learned individually.

You benefit greatly by studying Chinese. Being fluent in several languages increases your chances of getting a promotion at a company. You can also pursue careers in hospitality, teaching, writing, and other occupations.

Whether you're learning Chinese for hobby or scholarly reasons, we can set you up with two types of Chinese lessons: personal lessons and classes. Varsity Tutors can find a Houston Chinese tutor for you within 24 hours, and new sections of Chinese group classes start every month. You can even sign up for both programs if you wish. Both options provide great benefits, and each one is headed by a professional instructor.

What are some things an instructor can go over during Houston Chinese lessons?

Chinese is a tonal language, and Mandarin Chinese has four different tones: flat, rising, falling then rising, and falling. Other Chinese dialects possess up to nine different tones. Chinese doesn't have any verb inflections, articles, or plurals, and all words have only one grammatical form. Plus, Chinese nouns retain the same form whether they're plural or singular. Also, the Chinese language has different characters for pronouns based on gender. Though the sound is the same, the pronunciation is different. Chinese can also be depicted using Pinyin, a system that translates Chinese characters to letters in the English alphabet depending on their pronunciation. These rules may seem overwhelming at first, but they'll become simpler to understand over time. Taking Chinese lessons is an excellent way to become familiar with them.

One challenge to learning a new language is the limited practice opportunities available. When you work with a private teacher, you receive individual attention with anything you need. Because all sessions only involve you and the instructor, it's easier for you to focus on your studies. Maybe, you want more clarity on Chinese history. An educator can try to help you understand better by utilizing various methods. For example, they can appeal to your learning style by offering visual aids, sound files, or project-building tools. Are you ahead of your classmates and feel ready to take on more challenging material? An academic mentor can attempt to cater to your bright mind by introducing you to advanced content. Perhaps you're a fan of Chinese culture, traditions, and customs, and you wish that you had more time in class to discuss these topics. Since private instructors work on a flexible schedule, they can leave aside as much time as you want to study and talk about them.

In a Chinese course, you and your peers collaborate to review topics like reading Chinese, grammar and sentence structure, essential vocabulary, pronunciation, verbs, and other concepts. Constant exposure to a new language helps you retain these concepts. Depending on your skill level, your teacher can conduct entire lessons in Chinese. This immersive instruction may assist you with being more comfortable hearing and speaking the language.

How do the two kinds of Houston Chinese lessons work?

If you feel more comfortable in a one-on-one setting, you can meet with a private instructor online or in-person. Online sessions let you communicate with a Houston Chinese tutor through our Live Learning Platform. It comes with a virtual whiteboard and video chat, and you can engage in lessons via your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Do you prefer to meet with an instructor at a physical location? You both can rendezvous at your home, your favorite coffee shop, or even at a park.

If you enjoy working on group projects at school, then you may like partaking in a Chinese class. They offer monthly sections that start at various times, which makes it simple for you to balance lessons and outside responsibilities. Every class is online, and you interact with a teacher and your peers in a virtual setting. These classes give you the opportunity to engage in conversational practice and work together with your fellow students in language learning activities. Plus, you get helpful feedback from a skilled Chinese speaker. You can sign up for a two-week class or a four-week class.

I like what I read about these options. How do I sign up for Houston Chinese lessons?

Learning a new language can be a trial at times, but we can try to make your language-learning journey easier to pursue by providing Chinese lesson programs. We can locate a Houston Chinese tutor for you in about a day, whether you're enrolled in Clear Lake High School or Rice University. If you're ready to get started with Houston Chinese lessons, please call or send an online message to Varsity Tutors today. Educational consultants are standing by to answer your questions and guide you through the signup process.

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