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TAG prep from Varsity Tutors can give your child instruction and resources to make the most of their study time. If your student is a candidate for a gifted education program, TAG prep can provide personalized instruction. TAG test prep is flexible and based around your student's particular needs.

The National Association for Gifted Children advises that students be assessed in a variety of subjective and objective ways. Talented and Gifted (TAG) and Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) tests are a broad category of exams that feature specific exams such as those listed below:

Tests Used for Identifying TAG Students

  • Spatial Test Battery
  • School and College Ability Test
  • Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking
  • Cognitive Abilities Test
  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales

TAG test prep takes place online. Our Live Learning Platform allows for real-time interactions between your student and the tutor in their TAG course. This makes your student's TAG class more convenient for them and for you. Your student can receive TAG tutoring from anywhere with an internet connection. When you register your student for TAG preparation, we will match them to a tutor who best matches their availability.

TAG test preparation provides personalized learning for your student. TAG courses allow your student to learn the material that is most important for them in ways that are effective for them. There is no assigned syllabus in TAG classes which allows your student and the instructor to spend time based on your student's needs and skills. Whether your student needs to study most topics in a broad fashion, or if they would be better served through diving deeply into one or two topics, TAG tutors can help them with either type of learning. Additionally, TAG prep can be tailored to your student's learning style. Whether your student learns best through reading, watching videos, practice tests, or other ways, TAG test prep can accommodate their particular needs.

In addition to the content learning that takes place in TAG prep, your student can experience the benefits that come from developing study skills. Good study habits can help your student to maximize their time in TAG test prep. By breaking their goals into smaller portions, your student can see progress throughout their time in TAG prep. This can help them to build confidence as they approach the TAG assessment process. Additionally, the study skills and habits that they learn in TAG test prep are tools they can bring to other academic environments.

During their time in TAG prep, your student can also increase their understanding of test-taking strategies. Depending on the types of questions that appear on particular TAG exams, your student and their instructor can devise strategies suited to those types of questions. Test-taking strategies can help your student go into the exam with confidence and work effectively during the exam.

As your student prepares for the rigors of TAG exams, TAG test prep from Varsity Tutors can give them tools and resources for their prep. In an individualized environment, your student can learn key content, study habits, and test-taking strategies. If you would like your student to experience the benefits of TAG test preparation, contact an Educational Consultant online or over the phone. These consultants are able to answer questions you may have and to help you register.

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