Jane Yolen
Lesson plans for Owl Moon and other books

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About the Author

Jane Yolen
The author's official Website.

A series of 8 short video interviews with Jane Yolen
Biography, bibliography, video clips, and transcript.

Baby Bear's Books
This lesson begins on p. 10 (14th page of document). It includes pre-reading, during-reading, and post-reading questions, a counting activity, and a take-home activity. Adobe Reader required. This document is very large; let it load completely before you work with it.

Bird Watch: a Book of Poetry

Bird Watch: A Book of Poetry
Activities from Carol Hurst.

Briar Rose

A Book Review and a Discussion with Jane Yolen, Author
Yolen discusses controversy related to Briar Rose and other works.

Briar Rose
Reading strategies including an anticipation guide and a writing task using a different point of view.

The Devil's Arithmetic

The Devil's Arithmetic
Reading strategies for approaching the novel such as an anticipation guide and guided imagery, and activities such as analyzing passages or creating a timeline.

An Experimental Act
In this interview Yolen begins by discussing time travel in science fiction, then moves to its relationship to The Devil's Arithmetic and life.

Setting and Plot in The Devil's Arithmetic
This four-day lesson plan, days 2-5 in a unit, is centered around the question of why and how the shifting setting in the novel The Devil's Arithmetic affects both the characters and the plot. Designed for grade 7, includes handouts and assessment.

Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood Reading Skills and Strategies. Adobe Reader required for these resources.

The Emperor and the Kite

The Emperor and the Kite
Students note details as they read. Includes text-dependent questions, vocabulary words, a culminating task, and additional learning activities. Word processor required for access.

The Emperor and the Kite Writing Task
Packet includes writing prompt, graphic organizer, student handouts, and a sample essay. Emphasis is on presenting evidence to support an inference. 6 pages; word processor required for access.

Letting Swift River Go

Letting Swift River Go
Summary, 9 activities, and related links.

Letting Swift River Go
Questions with emphasis on economic concepts of trade-offs, natural resources, scarcity, and capital resources.

Owl Moon

Walking in the woods with Owl Moon
Students will use the story to write a personal narrative, understand the elements of a story, and practice answering open-ended questions. This lesson is designed for fourth grade.

A Picture is Worth … A Thousand Different Stories: Using Visual Media to Engage the Imagination and Enhance Skills for Analyzing and Synthesizing Information
This extensive unit includes a lesson that uses Owl Moon to teach foreshadowing.