The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka
Lesson plans and teaching resources

The Big Bad Wolf: Analyzing Point of View in Texts
Students learn to look at the author's purpose, examine multiple viewpoints, and also recognize gaps in the text. By reading two versions of the same tale and completing an interactive Venn diagram, students recognize that there are not only different versions of a story, but also different viewpoints to consider when reading. Extension activities include debating a fairy tale using different character viewpoints. Designed for grades 6-8.

Lesson Ideas to Match the book The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs
Pre-reading and post-reading discussion questions, writing prompts, ideas for a lesson on adjectives and counting.

Letter to the Big Bag Wolf in Jail
Printable writing task. One page.

The True Story of the ...
Using Scieszka's story as a model, students retell a popular children's story from the point of view of the villain.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
Summary, analysis, and 4 sets of discussion questions based on themes in the story.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
Reader's theater script for 9 voices. Free, downloadable. Adobe Reader required for access.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
This teacher guide offers a summary and several ideas for writing.

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs
This YouTube video (5:25) presents the story read aloud with text.

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs Extension Activities
Prereading and postreading activities, including point of view, writing, and acting.

Voicing an Original Fairy Tale Narrator
Using Scieszka's book as a mentor text, students write fairy tales involving three smaller animals and one "big bad" narrator.

Video Writing Prompts: The Big, Bad Vortex
This short video (2:36) shows a vortex blast knocking down houses of straw, sticks, and brick. It includes age-appropriate writing prompts.

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