Theodore Taylor
Lesson plans for The Cay

This website provides information about blindness and other vision issues. It is written for children.

The Cay
Chapter-by-chapter comprehension questions available in printable version or as an online, self-correcting quiz. Suggestions for activites accompany each chapter. An oustanding site!

The Cay
Using a theme of learning from different cultures and races, this site offers a summary, theme openers, crosscurricular activities, research assignments, and suggestions for related reading.

The Cay
Vocabulary practice and a variety of activities by chapter.

The Cay
Reading strategies for this book, including biopoem and story map. Find vocabulary words and summary information at the link entitled "The Cay." Adobe Reader required to access the links.

Exploding the Literary Canon
From the ALAN review, Theodore Taylor's essay on political correctness and his writing.

Ready - Kids
At this site children learn how to prepare for emergencies like severe weather. Good source of nonfiction/informational text and online learning activities.

Understanding U. S. Geography and Weather
This handout emphasizes being prepared for an emergency. Scroll to p. 5 for a short story and follow-up questions, to p. 7 for a language activity, and to p. 8 for family engagement. This 8-page document requires Adobe Reader for access.

The Maldonado Miracle . Adobe Reader required for these resources.