Rosemary Wells
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Biography and Background

Rosemary Wells
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Rosemary Wells
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Lesson Plans for Specific Titles

Bunny Money
Comprehension questions with emphasis on econcomic concepts of scarcity, trade and money, and economic wants.

McDuff by Rosemary Wells
This page has suggestions for working with several books in the series: McDuff Moves In , McDuff and the Baby , McDuff Comes Home , McDuff Goes to School , McDuff Saves the Day , McDuff's Wild Romp . Scroll down to find the title you want.

A Most Nutritous Election
In this RAFT writing task, students use Otto Runs for President as a mentor text. Then they assume the role of a talking fruit or vegetable. Pretending that there's a "Fruit/Vegetable of the Year" election, the students will create a campaign speech that explains why their fruit/veggie is the best candidate for the job.

Noisy Nora : Valuing Others
Students participate in a shared-reading experience of a literature book that illustrates the importance of feeling like an important member of the community within a family. They identify and describe the behaviors and feelings of the characters, identify family as a type of community in which people support each other and share with each other, and define trust and recognize the importance of feeling trusted and important.

Pass the Punctuation, Please!
Students will listen to Noisy Nora and identify punctuation used in the story. They will also play games to strengthen knowledge of punctuation usage. They will then use the Internet to practice what they learn during this lesson.

Yoko's World of Kindness by Rosemary Wells
This page opens with ideas for staging Kindness Week at your school. Scroll down for strategies to address each of the individual stories.