The earliest podcasts were voice-only files. Many podcasts now include video. Recognizing that some classrooms have more options than others, this page will include both.

Free, open source software for recording and editing sound (only). Audacity works on all platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download to your machine, and you're ready to go.

Create a talking avatar. Add it to a class blog, or let the script demonstrate student learning. Identify yourself as an educator to get the advertising-free option.

Digital Booktalk
Students can view or — even better — create a book trailer, like a movie trailer. Click on "UB the Director" for a unit plan.

How to Find Free Music for Videos
This page explains types of licenses for music use, include Creative Commons, and links to sites that offer music for use, explaining the type of license for each.

Find a podcast to use in as a teaching tool or as a model. Create a free account to host your podcast here.