Watty Piper
Lesson plans for The Little Engine that Could

Amazing Steam Locomotive
From this 3:18 YouTube video, students can get a sense of how hard an engine works to pull the cars.

Here Comes the Train!
Students use musical/rhythmic intelligence in a post-reading activity ( The Little Engine that Could ).

The Little Engine that Could
This series of 5 lessons includes discussion questions, craft activities, companion stories, and word family rhymes. Scroll down for cross-curricular connections.

The Little Engine that Could Teaching Plan
Activities for before and during reading.

Train Concepts: fast and slow
Students read The Little Engine that Could and learn the concepts "fast" and "slow."

The Little Engine that Could
Tips for using this story with students who have autism. This 2-page document requires a word processor for access.

A Poem about St. Paul's Chapel
Using The Little Engine that Could and The Little Chapel that Stood by A. B. Curtiss , students examine characteristics that determine courage beyond size. Students also explore what St. Paul's Chapel represented to the people of New York City before and after 9/11, and identify the support structures or networks in their own lives. Lesson includes vocabulary words, discussion and writing prompts, assessment, and extension activities. Designed for grades 3-5. 3 pages; Adobe Reader required.

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