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Amelia Bedelia Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

Amelia Bedelia
After listening to the story and discussing how phrases can have more than one meaning, students illustrate an instruction literally.

Amelia Bedelia
A teacher blogs about using Amelia Bedelia and the Baby to teach cause and effect.

Amelia Bedelia
4 downloadable activities.

Amelia Bedelia Coloring Pages
4 printable coloring pages.

Summarizing Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia
This lesson is designed to introduce primary students to summarizing a story. Students help the teacher complete a story map, and then they will illustrate a part of the story. They will use their drawings to help them summarize a part of the story.

Amelia Bedelia Up Close! Closely Reading a Classic Story
Students discuss text-dependent questions to promote an understanding of the story’s character. Through subsequent readings, they construct and support arguments concerning the character traits of Amelia Bedelia and use the text to determine how Amelia Bedelia and the Rogers can have different reactions to the same events. After these discussions, students demonstrate their understanding of character by completing a trading card for Amelia Bedelia.

Amelia Bedelia Persuasive Writing
Students consider whether Mr. and Mrs. Rogers should fire Amelia or hire her as a cook. They write a persuasive letter with their recommendation.

The Show Must Go On
"Students will appreciate the sayings as ideas that represent wisdom and understand that the sayings reflect the time in which they originated. The students will appreciate the evolution of proverbs and idioms through time and how they have influenced our language. Finally, the students will integrate the appropriate use of the sayings into their daily language." This 17-page document requires Adobe Reader or compatible application for access.

Teach Amelia Bedelia
10 activities, including a printable maze, a road signs activity, a word search, more.

What are Idioms?
Students explore the idioms found in Amelia Bedelia . They think of another idiom and illustrate it. Scroll down to find a list of 10 more idioms. This lesson is designed for upper elementary students.