Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Ox-Cart Man
Text of the poem.

Ox-Cart Man
Questions with emphasis on economic concepts of consumers, producers, goods and services, market, human resources, capital resources, and natural resources.

Ox-Cart Man
Questions and activities that ask students to compare and contrast, construct a timeline, conduct research, interview family members, explore history and transportation, count and categorize, and create a book. This 8-page document requires Adobe Reader for access.

Ox-Cart Man Activity Guide
Comprehension questions, vocabulary words, research, writing, and learning activities for social studies, art, and science. This 1-page document requires Adobe Reader for access.

Ox-Cart Man Discussion Guide
Questions for guided reading and for reader-response.

Ox-Cart Man : SMART Exchange
Download materials to compare family life today with long ago. students will understand that people make decisions based on their needs, wants, and the availability of resources. Designed for use with SMART board.

Self-Sufficiency and the Community
This lesson uses Ox-Cart Man to help students understand self-sufficiency, colonial life, and modern communities.

Then and Now: Life in Early America, 1740–1840
Using archival materials, re-creations, and classroom activities, students think about which aspects of everyday life — and the people who've lived it — have changed and which have stayed the same in the last 200 years. Designed for K-2.

You have to give up something!
Students explore the concept of "opportunity cost" in this activity.

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