General Literature Resources
You remember the book, but the title and author escape you? Try this search tool, which asks for details, then generates a list of possible matches.

American Literary Movements
Students work with a variety of American literary philosophies to construct a timeline that demonstrates their understanding. Note: Storyboard That helps sponsor this site.

Artists for Literacy
An interesting blend of popular music and literacy. Be sure to click on "Famous SIBLs" for a list of songs inspired by literature.

Banned and Challenged Books at the American Library Association
This site contains a variety of resources about banned books, including ideas for celebrating Banned Books Week.

Behind the Cover: Researching the History and Context of a Written Work
Students consider literary works and research their respective "back stories." They then design posters illustrating their information and display them in the school's library. This lesson uses a reference to Frankenstein but is adaptible to other literary works.

British Literary Movements
Students work with a variety of British literary philosophies to construct a timeline that demonstrates their understanding of the time. Note: Storyboard That helps sponsor this site.

Book-A-Minute Classics , just for fun.
I have to admire a site that can condense Moby-Dick to four lines of dialogue and two stage directions!

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
All 18 volumes of this valuable resource are available online.

Course Materials for the Study of Science Fiction
Links to a variety of science fiction novels and short stories.

Dictionary of Symbolism
Check here for common meanings of symbols in Western literature.

Free Classic AudioBooks
Download books in MP3 and M4B formats. Includes books that are out of copyright, including The Picture of Dorian Gray , A Christmas Carol , Pride and Prejudice , Huck Finn , and many more.

Google Lit Trips
Use Google Earth to trace the wanderings of Odysseus, the journey of the Joads, Elie Wiesel's forced departure from his home to Nazi concentration camps, and more. A great resource developed by teachers for teachers. Requires Google Earth, but the free version will do.

A Glossary of Literary Terms
An alphabetical list of terms with examples.

Graphic Novels
Lesson plans and teaching resources for Maus , Persepolis , more.

Harlem Renaissance WebQuest
Students research the Harlem Renaissance and produce a brochure explaining it to others. Page includes links for research and a rubric.

The Horror! The Horror! Exploring the Conventions of the Horror Genre in Film and Literature
Students identify the conventions of the horror genre and analyze films and texts to uncover these conventions in action. Their work will culminate in a "Festival of Fear," a class celebration of the genre.

Irony Lesson Plans
Lesson plans for teaching irony on multiple grade levels.

The Labyrinth
Resources for Medieval Studies.

Literature & Life: The Givens Collection
African-American literature in historical context.

Literature Post
Links to online texts: fiction, nonfiction, plays, poetry, and short stories.

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