Graphic Novels

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Graphic Novels in General

But This Book Has Pictures! The Case for Graphic Novels in an AP Classroom
A teacher explains her rationale for using graphic novels, especially Maus .

Comic Creator
Easy-to-use comic creator. Students select characters and backgrounds, write captions, and print.

Graffiti Wall: Discussing and Responding to Literature Using Graphics
This five-day lesson is used for discussion of a novel read by the whole class. Working individually and in groups, using symbols, drawings, shapes, and colors, alongside words and quotations, students construct a graphic of their section of the novel using an online tool and on newsprint or butcher paper with crayons or markers. When all groups have completed their graphics, they will present them to the class, explaining why they chose the elements they used. Finished graphics can be displayed on a class bulletin board, on walls, or on a Web page. Finally, students will write an individual essay analyzing one element of the novel. This lesson is designed for grades 9-12.

Graphic Novels in the Classroom
A collection of links related to specific titles and graphic novels in general.

Make Beliefs Comix
Students create 2-, 3-, or 4-panel comic strips using this easy online tool. Includes engaging graphics and several options. Scroll down for links to printables and writing prompts.

Specific Titles

American-Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang
Lesson plans and teaching resources.

Beowulf by Stephan Petrucha
A review of Stefen Petrucha's graphic novel version of the epic, including a brief discussion of how to use it in the classroom.

Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom
How are graphic novels different from comic books? Do they promote literacy? How can I find the best ones for my students? This document offers answers, with special emphasis on Bone by Jeff Smith. It requires Adobe Reader or compatible application for access.

An Interview with Jeff Smith , author of Bone
This series of 12 video interview clips is dated January 2008.

Maus by Art Spiegelman
Lesson plans and other teaching resources for parts 1 & 2.

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
Lesson plans and other teaching resources.

Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughn
A review with insights about classroom use.

Online text. (For very mature students only.)

Critical commentary and issues to consider when using this title in the classroom.