Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Knuffle Bunny
Two pre-viewing activities and two post-viewing activities with emphasis on literacy skills. One page, Adobe Reader required for access.

Knuffle Bunny
A variety of activities, including analyzing the illustrations and plot, writing responses, and reviewing by acting out the story. Seven pages, Adobe Reader required for access.

Knuffle Bunny
Summary, analysis, 9 sets of discussion questions, and 3 sets of extension questions.

Knuffle Bunny
This lesson begins on p. 38 (42nd page of document). It includes pre-reading, during-reading, and post-reading questions and activities, extension activities, and a take-home activity that focuses on sequencing. Adobe Reader required. This document is very large; let it load completely before you work with it.

Knuffle Bunny : A Cautionary Tale Lesson Plan
Students write their own dialogue for Trixie.

Knuffle Bunny Free
Seven activities to help students connect to the text. Adobe Reader required for access.

Knuffle Bunny Too
Summary, analysis, and 3 sets of discussion questions.

A video interview with Mo Willems
Biography, bibliography, video clips, and transcript.