I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff
Lesson plans and Teaching Resources

I Wanna [Something]
The writer will discuss the persuasive techniques used by Alex in the notes he sends his mother in I Wanna Iguana , as well as the persuasive responses his mother returns. After playing an online interactive button game (included), writers will compose persuasive notes to and from a pair of writers. Students will then switch papers and respond accordingly to classmates. Focuses on writing traits of voice and word choice.

I Wanna What?
Using I Wanna Iguana as a mentor text, first-grade students write a persuasive letter to their parents, making a request and giving reasons. Includes graphic organizer for planning, student models.

I Wanna Iguana
Students use the book as a mentor text as they try to persuade their parents to let them have a pet.

I Wanna Iguana
Students can read along with this YouTube video (5:00).

Using Persuasion in Second Grade
This blog post details the process for a lesson on persuasive writing that uses I Wanna Iguana and Can I Have A Stegosaurus Mom? Can I? Please? by Lois Grambling.