I am David by Anne Holm
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Dive In! I am David
Discussion questions, cross-curricular follow-up questions and learning activities. 9 pages; Adobe Reader required.

I am David by Anne Holm. Adobe Reader required for these resources.

I am David
Vocabulary, discussion questions, persuasion, setting and mood, character analysis, writing tasks, sentence combining, word study, more. A rich resource!

I am David
Lessons/suggestions contained in this unit are designed to assist teachers in generating interest (front loading) in the novel I Am David . Further lessons are supplied to assess student learning at various points in the novel. Opportunities for accommodating various learning styles and the inclusion of technology are also provided.

I am David
Summary, learning activities, vocabulary, journal topics.

I am David
Chapter-by-chapter comprehension questions. Word processor required.

I am David
Informational text/historical background, vocabulary, comprehension questions, multiple writing tasks, character analysis, setting and mood, key passages for close reading, word study 34 pages, word processor required.

I am David Educator's Guide
Readings include informational text (historical background, Universal Declaration of Human Rights), map-reading practice, making inferences, comparing novel and film, character analysis. Includes printable student handouts. 20 pages; Adobe Reader Required.

I am David Gameboard
Board game based on materials from The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Informational text ("Fast Facts"). 8 pages; Adobe Reader Required.

I am David Story Context
Informational text; historical background. 1 page; Adobe Reader Required.