Frindle by Andrew Clements
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Biography and Background

Andrew Clements
The author's official site.

An Interview with Andrew Clements
The author discusses how he became a writer.


8 Fun Dictionary Activities
Ideas including a scavenger hunt, collecting new words, and — the last one — an interesting physics lesson.

This reading group guide includes discussion questions and ideas for postreading activities.

Frindle Discussion Guide
Summary, 10 discussion questions, and 2 learning activities.

Frindle Discussion Guide
Summary, 14 literature circle questions with printable handout and answers, and 3 followup activities (on the handout).

Booktalk, discussion topics, and suggestions for postreading activities and research.

Frindle Lesson Plan
In this vocabulary activity students examine dictionary entries, explore word origins, and invent new words.

Frindle - Novel Ideas
Suggestions for having students contract for their grade on this unit. Follow the "contract" link to a list of activities to support the novel.

Inventing a New Word
Inspired by the main character's actions in Frindle , students will be asked to reinvent an every day object with a brand new word. They will need to imagine a character has reinvented their word, and then they will create a scene from a story where the character reveals the new word to a friend. The assignment requires them to correctly (and interestingly) use dialogue and dialogue punctuation in their scenes. This lesson focuses on conventions and word choice.

A Novel Study: Frindle
6 classroom-tested learning activities, including a pre-reading activity, dictionary practice, fact/opinion sorting, character analysis, and two craft activities, one involving character analysis, and one involving plot analysis and writing.

Rooting out Meaning: Morpheme Match-Ups in the Primary Grades
This lesson encourages students to use morphemes to deconstruct and construct words. The students use the Morpheme Match-Ups handout and the Word Central website to engage in morphemic analysis. Teachers are encouraged to read the novel Frindle aloud as an extension activity to spark interest in word origins.

Vocabulary from Frindle
Words are presented in context and with definitions. Click on a word for pronunciation, examples of recent use, more.

Other Books by Andrew Clements

Andrew Clements
Lesson plans for The Landry News and other books by Andrew Clements.