Creative Writing, Page 2

Digital Storytelling
Examples and suggestions for classroom use.

Don't Bore them with the Thank-You Note!
Suggestions for lively thank-you notes and prompts for practice.

Elements of Fables
Students will recognize the key elements of a fable (moral, character, and figurative language), while applying literal, interpretive, and critical thinking skills to the reading of a fable. Students will also evaluate the text by participating in class discussions and writing exercises.

Fiction Teachers
Click on "Fiction Class" and "Fiction Fun" for ideas on teaching kids to write creatively.

Five Facts of Fiction
This 47-page document is designed for middle school and above. It is rich with tips, guidelines, and models. It requires Adobe Reader or compatible application for access.

Fresh Squeezed Creative Writing Juices
Four story prompts designed for second grade.

Great Character Descriptions from Science Fiction and Fantasy books
Models for middle school and older, including texts from Ender's Game , The Hunger Games , and 1984 .

The Greatest Creative Writing Activity Ever
Step-by-step through a writing activity that works on almost all grade levels.

A collection of sites on writing haiku.

How to build a fictional world
This TED-Ed video (5:25), author Kate Messner explores requirements for creating a fictional place that works.

How to Make Your Poem Leap from the Page!
Tips for 4th graders.

>How to write about a country you've never visited
5 tips that encourage research.

How Owly and Wormy became friends: Using a "Silent" comic to inspire creative writing
Students read a wordless comic and use it as a story starter. This lesson is designed for grades 1-2.

Identifying Characteristics - Anansi, the Spider
Students watch a video featuring a story about Anansi, the Spider. Then they identify specific character traits of Anansi by completing a character web. Designed for grades 2-5, this lesson includes support materials.

The Imagination Prompt Generator
If you don't like the first prompt that appears, just click on "Next Prompt." These prompts may be better suited for high school and above.

In Your Lunch
A writing prompt for an adventure story, differentiated for elementary and middle and high school students.

Journal Ideas
258 ideas for all age levels.

Judy Blume Talks about Writing
Tips for children and adults on ideas, revising, and getting published.

Langston Hughes' Drafts of "Ballad of Booker T.": Exploring the Creative Process
Four typewritten, marked-up drafts and a final copy of Hughes' poem allow students to follow the creative process as the poet makes changes to his work over the course of three days. Page includes teaching suggestions and printable handouts. Adobe Reader required for access.

Language is a Virus
Click to generate a random writing prompt.

Left to Their Own (Literary) Devices: Writing Creatively as Inspired By Lemony Snicket
"Students write scenes for stories using their own original characters and employing literary and plot devices found in the Lemony Snicket children's book series."

Logical & Structured Writing Ideas
Scroll down to find quite a few creative writing ideas, including patterns for poetry.

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