Classical Mythology
Lesson plans and other teaching resources

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Teacher Guide to Mythology
How might students use storyboards to demonstrate and to extend their learning? Check the resources here. Includes character maps, essential questions, plot diagram, key symbols, themes, and motifs, a depiction of the hero's journey archetype as it related to Perseus, and more. Note: Storyboard That helps sponsor this site.

Aeneid by Virgil
Online text of the epic in multiple formats, including EPUB, Kindle, and plain text. No translator information provided.

Ballad of Bellerophon
This printable handout tells the story of Bellerophon in a light-hearted way. It asks students to analyze the way in which this retelling serves as a parody of the original story.

Cupid and Psyche
This audio file of the story runs about 29 minutes.

Encyclopedia Mythica
Brief articles about figures from many mythologies. Don't miss the image gallery and the genealogy tables.

Eros and Psyche, Part I and Eros and Psyche, Part II
A Reader's Theater script of the story, written by a teacher for classroom use.

Everyday Heroes
Following a unit on Greek mythology and mythological heroes, students design and maintain a website that features everyday heroes. Students submit candidates based on their everyday encounters with people in the community. This lesson is designed for 8th grade.

Greek Mythology
An outstanding site -- visually appealing, easy to navigate, lots of information. Be sure to check out the teaching tips.

Hercules the Hero: Understanding the Myth
This site discusses the inaccuracies of the Disney video and summarizes the 12 Labors. Scroll down for pronunciation guides, lesson plans, and bibliographies of additional resources.

Heroes in Greek Mythology
This lesson examines the characteristics of Greek heroes and leads students to recognize references to Greek mythological heroes found in literature and culture today. Students will present analyses of heroes by defending their favorites in a slideshow presentation nominating them for selection to a Heroes' Hall of Fame. This lesson is designed for 8th grade.

Lesson plans and classroom activities for teaching the Iliad and the Odyssey.

It Came From Greek Mythology
In this series of lessons students explore basic plots and themes of three Greek myths (Odysseus, Hercules, and Atalanta) and contemporary influence of classical mythology on language and art.

Jason and the Golden Fleece
Students collaborate, comparing the ancient story with modern ones.

"King Midas' Golden Touch"
How might students use storyboards to demonstrate and to extend their learning? Check the resources here. Students work with character analysis and theme. Note: Storyboard That helps sponsor this site.

Mythological Barbie
Students create a doll who represents a mythological figure, including accessories, a vehicle, and a reference to a related doll. This unit plan includes discussion of both toys and gender roles in modern and ancient society. Includes models.

Prometheus, the Firebringer
Middle-school students study the stories of Prometheus, make masks, and write an original short play.

Reading and Writing via the Myths
Strategies to motivate students to read, write, and follow their interests into other areas. This unit is designed for grades 4-6 and includes an extensive related reading list.

Teaching Mythology: Gods and Heroes
Students study creation stories, the Golden Age, and heroes. This unit is designed for sixth graders.

Theseus: Lord of Athens
Modeled after the Choose Your Own Adventure stories, this online activity asks students to explore events from the early life of Theseus.

Lesson plans and other resources for teaching the Aeneid.

Who am I? Greek Gods, Heroes, and Creatures
Classical mythology meets Twenty Questions. Fun and a good review.

Winged Sandals
Available in both HTML and Flash versions, this site has stories, games, activities, historical background, and more. A terrific site to use as an introduction for middle school students.