William Bradford
Lesson plans and teaching ideas for Of Plymouth Plantation

Colonial House
In 2004 seventeen people in 2004 participated in a reenactment to build a settlement on the New England coast in a similar scenario to settlers of the year 1628. In this 5-minute video segment from Colonial House , modern day colonists struggle to build homes, grow crops and fight frequent illness caused by exhaustion and exposure to cold. They also have to establish relationships with the native Passamaquoddy people in order to gain the seed needed to plant a corn crop. There are fears exhibited by both sides when the colonists and the Passamaquoddy people first meet. This clip will make a great companion to Of Plymouth Plantation . Scroll down for teaching resources. Requires QuickTime video player.

Life as a Pilgrim: Outline of Journal Lessons
Students analyze Bradford's journal and use their insights to write a journal of their own.

"Pilgrims' Progress"
This article from Smithsonian magazine explores the events leading to the Pilgrims' departure from England to Holland and then from Holland to the New World.

William Bradford
This essay includes background information and tips for approaching this writer.

William Bradford
On this page, a brief biography. Follow links to activities, discussion questions, and support materials.

William Bradford
Biography and timeline with links to passages from Bradford's journal.

William Bradford: the pen & the person
This series of 7 lessons emphasizes journal writing. Lessons can be used individually.