My Five Senses and other books
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Aliki Classroom Activity Pages
Printable learning activity pages for My Visit to the Zoo , My Visit to the Aquarium , and Wild and Wooly Mammoths , suggestions for research, enrichment, more. 8 pages; Adobe Reader required.

A Happy Time
After listening to the book "Feelings," students write about a happy time in their own lives.

Ah, Music! and "Come, My Little Children, Here are Songs for You" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Practice with phonics and vocabulary, discussion questions, writing. Includes texts of book and poem. 24 pages; Adobe Reader required.

Marianthe's Story: Painted Words, Spoken Memories
Pre-reading, during-reading, and post-reading learning activities, related titles, writing topics, interdisciplinary connections, and a note from the author. 6 pages; Adobe Reader required.

My Five Senses
Lesson plans, including vocabulary, writing, and cross-curricular learning activities.

A Medieval Feast

Teacher Guide to A Medieval Feast by Aliki
Practice with vocabulary, sequencing, compare/contrast, constructing a timeline, more. Note: sponsored link.