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Contact Varsity Tutors if you’d like to enroll in Cincinnati TESOL certification training. If teaching English to non-native speakers is your plan, whether in the US or abroad, earning your TESOL certification is a good first step. We can help you study all the topics you’re introduced to no matter which organization you’re pursuing the certification through. We can set you up with online instructors who have passed a thorough vetting and interviewing process. You can depend on these instructors knowing the ins and outs of your TESOL program and their good communication skills to help you as you reach for your certification goals.

TESOL, or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, encompasses both the TESL and TEFL. TESL, or Teaching English as a Second Language, involves teaching students in English-speaking countries whose first language is not English. The TEFL, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language, involves teaching students in a non-native English-speaking country how to speak English. There are many opportunities worldwide for you once you’ve earned TESOL certification.

You can pursue your certification from a wide variety of organizations, including colleges, universities like the University of Cincinnati, and private or nonprofit entities. The TESOL International Association is a large organization that provides TESOL certificate programs and much more. Once you’ve earned your certificate, you can become a member and join a community of professionals in the English language teaching field.

When you sign up for our virtual Cincinnati TESOL certification course, you have access to an expert instructor and to your fellow students. Studying in a collaborative environment where you can all interact together can have a positive effect on your learning and improve retention of information necessary to know about teaching English to non-native speakers. If you’re struggling with an idea or teaching method, your instructor can help you with tips they’ve learned through their experience. Another student may also have a suggestion that solidifies the concepts for you, and you could potentially help another student by sharing something you’ve got experience in.

Your instructor can conduct in-depth lectures about techniques for teaching speaking and reading skills to your students or how to help encourage them to use correct pronunciation. Even better, they can facilitate group discussions on topics such as how to manage disruptive behavior, assess language skills, and more. Being able to discuss these with students who have the same goals while bringing different experiences and mindsets can help you gain a deeper understanding of the topics studied.

If you’re reviewing a topic and you find that you’re not getting it as quickly as the rest of the class, you don’t need to worry. You can request one-on-one time with your instructor. This allows them to focus solely on you and your needs, which can be a great resource to get quickly caught up to the rest of your class.

Varsity Tutors understands that you care about your valuable time, and we’ve done everything possible to make enrolling in our Cincinnati TESOL certification training as convenient as it can be. You can choose to meet for classes over two weeks or four weeks, depending on whether you want to get to all the material in a condensed manner or spread out your study time. New class sections begin every month, so you’re never far from a start date. There are various sections running concurrently at different times and on different days, so you are more likely to find one that fits best into your schedule. And meeting online means no commute, so you save time and money for transportation.

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