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You can rely on Varsity Tutors to provide you with quality Chicago SHRM certification training. Society for Human Resources Management, otherwise known as SHRM, certifications demonstrate to the global business community that the credential-holder has the HR capabilities that are required for effective job performance. This credential proves that you have a high level of knowledge and skills. SHRM certification identifies you as an expert and leader in the HR field, so it can be a great asset to have depending on your career goals. No matter which exam you are preparing for, you can get help studying by signing up for our Chicago SHRM certification course.

There are some great benefits to studying in one of our live classes over reviewing by yourself. For one thing, each Chicago SHRM certification class takes place in a totally online setting. This means that you will attend meetings in a virtual learning environment that allows you to interact with other students as well as an expert instructor from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Instead of dealing with the hassle of a lengthy commute to and from an inconvenient location that is beyond your control, you can instead work from your own home or another place that is both comfortable for you and conducive to your particular learning needs such as your favorite coffee shop. This can ultimately allow you to get more out of your studying experience, as you won't have to worry about the distractions that often come up in a physical classroom.

When you are preparing to take a Society for Human Resource Management assessment, you have to fit time to review around obligations like work and family life. There's no need to worry about that when signing up for Chicago SHRM certification training, as you have a variety of options to choose from to find a class that fits into your own busy schedule. For starters, you can decide to take either a two-week or a four-week section. This allows you to pick whether you would like to meet more often in a shorter time frame or spread your sessions across a longer period of time to reduce your workload. In addition to this, new sections begin monthly, so you can start at any time during the year. There are also a number of class sections taking place concurrently, and they meet at different times and on various days, so you can choose the session that meets at the most convenient time for you. With all of these options, we make enrolling in a Chicago SHRM certification class that meets your needs easier.

There are two different SHRM exams that you can take. These are the SHRM Certified Professional, or SHRM-CP, and SHRM Senior Certified Professional, or SHRM-SCP, assessments. Applicants can choose the credential that best suits them as long as they meet the educational and experience requirements. The SHRM-CP certification is designed for HR professionals who are engaged primarily in operational roles in which they implement policies, serve as the HR point of contact for staff and stakeholders, and/or perform daily HR functions. The SHRM-SCP credential is intended for HR professionals at a senior level who operate primarily in a strategic role in which they develop policies and strategies, oversee the execution of HR operations, analyze performance metrics, and/or contribute to the alignment of HR strategies to organizational goals. No matter which test you plan on taking, Chicago SHRM certification training will help you as you review.

To become SHRM certified, you must meet one of the perquisites, in addition to passing the assessment. For the SHRM-CP credential, you must have less than a bachelor's degree and three years of experience in an HR role, a bachelor's degree and one year of experience in an HR role, or a Graduate Degree and be in a current HR role. In order to obtain SHRM-SCP certification, you must have less than a bachelor's degree and six years of experience in an HR role, a bachelor's degree and four years of experience in an HR role, or a Graduate Degree and three years of experience in an HR role. If the program or degree is not HR-related, one year is added to the years required working in an HR role. Whether you have a degree from a school like the University of Chicago or Northwestern University, or you don't have a college degree at all, you will still have to take an assessment that allows you four hours to complete 160 questions. Getting yourself enrolled in Chicago SHRM certification training can ensure you get a more thorough review than you are capable of achieving on your own.

One of the most significant benefits of SHRM certification training is that, due to the virtual classroom, you are capable of learning from some of the best instructors available anywhere. Your class will be led by a knowledgeable instructor who has undergone a thorough vetting and interviewing process to ensure that he or she is both qualified to teach the material and great at communicating. Your instructor can take the class through detailed lectures that cover the topics you and the other students will face on whichever exam you are preparing for. They can even lead discussions on issues ranging from approaches to developing an inclusive workplace to ethical business principles and practices to help you fill in any knowledge gaps before the big test. In addition to this, instructors are able to go over the question types and format that you will encounter. For example, they can discuss the two types of multiple-choice questions featured on the exams, which are knowledge-based items and situational judgment items. You even have the option to request extra one-on-one time with your instructor, so there's always additional help available.

The type of live instruction that you will be involved in throughout a Chicago SHRM certification class offers a more effective way to study than simply watching static content like pre-recorded lectures or short video clips. You can instead participate in collaborative lessons that allow you to develop greater understandings of new and old topics through interacting with an expert instructor and your classmates. The peer discussions are also a great way to generate a more in-depth understanding of key subjects like conflict resolution styles and techniques. You can even learn about some helpful strategies for each section on the assessment, in addition to picking up general test-taking best practices like time management and how to handle difficult questions. All of this knowledge and training will boost your confidence when you finally sit down to take the test.

SHRM certification shows that you are a valuable asset to your organization and that you help keep yourself and your organization more competitive in today's economy. It can also distinguish you in a job search or assist with negotiation for a higher salary by setting you apart from your colleagues. While these benefits can be outstanding assets in achieving your ultimate career goals, you cannot obtain them without taking a lengthy and detailed exam. For quality assistance as you pursue your SHRM certification, simply contact Varsity Tutors either by phone or online. Our friendly educational consultants will be happy to answer any questions you have and get you enrolled in a Chicago SHRM certification course that matches your study and scheduling needs.

SHRM Certifications

  • SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)
  • SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)

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