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If you aspire to apply to medical school, you'll need to take the Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT. Varsity Tutors can set you up with an Ann Arbor MCAT prep course to ensure you get the review and practice you need. Each course is presented in a digital format. You log in online and can collaborate with your instructor and peers using a Live Learning Platform. Since the course is online, you can participate from anywhere you are comfortable.

The MCAT is seven-and-a-half-hours long including breaks and the initial orientation, and it includes four sections. Each consists of passage-based sets of questions, with several multiple-choice questions per set along with independent questions. Scoring for each section ranges from 118-132, with a combined total score of 472-528. The topics and skills covered are considered important by the medical community and what you would encounter if accepted into, for example, the University of Michigan Medical School.

What Can an Ann Arbor MCAT Course Cover to Help Me Prepare?

Since just about all U.S. medical schools require an MCAT score to review your application, it's important you focus on preparation in advance of test day. An MCAT course can cover any topic on the exam, including the scored questions and possible unscored experimental questions that can be placed in any section.

The Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems section consists of 59 questions. Over 95 minutes, you'll be tested on general, organic, and inorganic chemistry, introductory physics and biology, and basic biochemistry. The main focus is on body tissues, organs, and organ systems as well as chemical and physical principles of the human body's mechanisms and those of living systems in general. Your knowledge of things like the laws of physics, chemical reactions, and the periodic table is important here.

Containing 53 questions, the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section focuses on reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, and analytical skills and features passages covering social sciences and humanities related disciplines. While you don't need knowledge in these areas, your English language skills and understanding of using text to apply or extrapolate ideas, assess the impact of new information, and infer meaning are essential to reaching for your score goals.

Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems is a 59-question section covering living organisms and their unique processes, along with foundational concepts in biochemistry and scientific inquiry. It tests you on introductory biology, basic biochemistry, and general and organic chemistry. The concepts you need to know here include how an organism's cells and organ systems act separately and together to maintain a constant internal environment, grow, and reproduce and help the organism adapt, acquire materials and energy, sense, and respond to their environment.

Like most other sections of the MCAT, Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior includes 59 questions and is 95 minutes long. In addition to biology, it measures your knowledge of introductory psychology and sociology. Its focus is on skills needed to serve a diverse population and understand mental health issues, behavioral impact on health, and human and social issues related to the field of medicine. To demonstrate your abilities, you must understand concepts such as behavior and behavioral changes, what people think of themselves and others, and how various factors influence perception and reaction. It's also important to understand relationships between social stratification, access to resources, and well-being to perform your best in this section.

How Can an Ann Arbor MCAT Class Benefit Me?

Each prep class provides a collaborative environment in which an instructor can help you review key subjects and concepts, practice with test questions, and learn about the format of the MCAT. You can get to know your peers, who are in the same situation as you. Rather than studying alone, you can interact with participants of the class, which can motivate you to help others, ask questions, and gain the confidence needed to reach for your goals. Sessions might include practice with the types of passages you'll be required to read and using clues in the text to eliminate wrong answers. Plus, if there are any learning opportunities you still have in biology, behavior, or chemistry, this is a chance to learn the necessary foundational topics.

You are also not limited to the instruction provided in the Ann Arbor MCAT course. If you need extra help, discuss the matter with your instructor and they can set aside time to work with you one-on-one. Aside from individualized help, the flexibility of an Ann Arbor MCAT course can accommodate your busy schedule. Varsity Tutors offers two- and four-week courses, while there are options starting on a weekly basis, so there's no delay in beginning your preparation.

When it comes to the MCAT, some topics are trickier than others. But each and every one is essential to understand since your career depends on it. Since your instructor has established a curriculum based on the MCAT's format and content, you can depend on them to provide a thorough overview of what you need to learn before stepping into the test room. They can even help you study more effectively and become a more confident and efficient test-taker.

Where Do I Find an Ann Arbor MCAT Class That Starts Immediately?

You've invested so much in your education and have thought long and hard about the career you want to pursue. Time is winding down quickly, and before you know it, the MCAT will be around the corner. Varsity Tutors can set you up with an Ann Arbor MCAT class at a time that is best for you. New sessions begin all the time, so you can get started quickly in reviewing foundational concepts and test-taking strategies to help you prepare to perform your best.

If you're looking for a course that's focused on MCAT prep, contact Varsity Tutors today. An educational consultant can answer your questions and help you enroll in a session at your earliest convenience. We look forward to helping reach beyond your expectations with an Ann Arbor MCAT course.

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