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I have 15 years of experience as a teacher, at both the high school and college levels. I began as a French teacher and later branched out into English, ESL, history, and cultural studies. As an ESL teacher, I provided students with academic support in all subjects. I know that each student has a unique set of talents, experiences, and interests. My goal as a tutor is to help students draw on their strengths, build confidence, and develop skills. As a tutor, I have worked with a diverse range of students on essay writing, test preparation, and homework help.

Undergraduate Degree:

Colorado College - Bachelors, Comparative Literature

Graduate Degree:

University of Wisconsin Madison - Masters, French Literature

Dance, music, yoga, hiking, skiing, puzzles, reading, travel, foreign languages.

What is your teaching philosophy?

As a tutor, I start by getting to know my students. With an understanding of their goals, interests, and concerns, I can provide the right kind of academic support. I believe students do best when they enjoy learning, and I try to make tutoring sessions fun and engaging as well as challenging and helpful.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

I begin by asking questions and listening. I want to get a sense of what my student really needs and wants. Then I explain how I think we should proceed (for example, what types of resources or what the 'big picture' plan looks like.) I check with the student to see that this sounds like a good plan. Then, we dive into material. I want new students to leave the first session feeling that they're on the right track and looking forward to the next session.