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My interest in tutoring dates back to when I started studying all the Science and Math classes. Due to my interest in math, I have always been attracted and blessed with opportunities to be a part of several clubs and groups of students, and I have been able to lead a few where I brushed up my skills by sharing my knowledge about science and math. As of now, academically my grades have allowed me to be part of several National Honors Organizations like PTK. My goal as a tutor is to push myself and the learners until they realize that they can do what they think they can not. I try my best to use different ways of approach and different analogies to a single problem unless the concept is clear because, I believe in concept rather than just memorizing and getting good marks. I believe learners would enjoy my company and trust me as I guide them towards success in the subject! I hope to be privileged to see you soon.

Undergraduate Degree:

Cuyahoga Community College District - Associates, Mechanical Engineering

Guitar, programming, Sports