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I am currently an adjunct professor of chemistry at a small liberal arts college in the Chicago area. Previously, I worked in the chemical industry for several years as a researcher, but I've found that the most satisfying moments have come when I am able to share my expertise with someone else. Similarly, I very much enjoyed the four semesters in the graduate school when I was a teaching assistant. It gave me the opportunity to work with students and help them develop an understanding for the subject. These are the primary reasons that I have decided to go into teaching.

I have a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Georgia Tech and dual BS degrees in chemical engineering and biochemistry from UW-Madison.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Bachelors, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry

Graduate Degree:

Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus - PHD, Chemical Engineering

ACT Composite: 31

ACT Math: 32

SAT Math: 720

GRE: 2130

GRE Quantitative: 780

Gardening, woodworking, DIY, football, basketball, baseball

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

College Chemistry

High School Chemistry

What is your teaching philosophy?

My goal is to enable students to solve problems themselves, so they gain an understanding of the material. The most effective way to master a subject is through practice and struggle. My job is to guide them through that struggle and encourage them.