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I am a current student of St Edwards University in Austin, TX. I am working on my Bachelor of Arts in
Global Studies with a focus in the Middle East and a minor in Economics. I grew up speaking English
and Spanish both and have taken on Arabic as my third language and I will soon begin Hebrew classes.
Since I started college, I have traveled to Jordan, Turkey and Israel where I've helped teach English and
Spanish to refugees in the surrounding areas as well as took classes of my own. I hope to attend graduate
school after St. Edwards, in what i wish to be the D.C. area to further my international studies.
I am very passionate about education because I do wholeheartedly believe that education plays the most
vital role in any persons life. Education is really the key to anything for anyone but its a matter of allocating
the right resources. Throughout all of my education languages and history were my strongest subjects.
Already knowing English is something i feel blessed by, but by knowing more than just english and being able
to communicate with people from different parts of the world, i find to be one of the most courageous and
beautiful abilities. I love education because I love learning and the best way to learn is by truly loving or
showing an interest in what you're doing or by trying to make it the greatest experience possible.
I enjoy being outside, especially in such a great town as Austin, running, trying different foods, cooking and napping.

Undergraduate Degree:

 St Edwards University - BA, Global Studies

Cooking, traveling overseas, hiking.

College Level American History

Conversational Spanish

High School Level American History

Spanish 1