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I am a sixteen year veteran of post secondary education. My favorite subjects to teach are Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology. I love talking about the amazing human body machine! Though not a chemist, I also enjoy teaching Chemistry. Over the course of many years I have learned that it is usually the math within chemistry that bogs students down. I have developed a sure fire way of breaking through that barrier in the classroom and would love to share that in private tutoring sessions! I also have much experience teaching freshman success which entails organization, attitude control, test prep and test taking, note taking etc.

Being a college prof really means life long learner. This extends to my personal life as well. I love the out of doors! I live in the country and love to hike through the woods. I consider myself an amateur birder. I swim and ride bikes and garden. Really, if it's outside I'm in. I am all about discovering the wonders of nature!

Undergraduate Degree:

Cleveland Chiropractic College - Bachelor of Science, Human Biology

Graduate Degree:

Cleveland Chiropractic College - Unknown, Chiropractic Medicine

Hiking, back packing, camping, gardening, bird watching, reading

7th Grade Science

8th Grade Science

Anatomy & Physiology

College Biology

College Chemistry

High School Biology

High School Chemistry

Middle School Science