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Varsity Tutors can help you address your test prep needs by connecting you with Omaha SOLIDWORKS certification training on the web. The SOLIDWORKS certification can be achieved with more than 20 different exams at three levels — Associate, Professional, and Expert. It is a benchmark to measure the knowledge and competency of a 3D design software user. Your performance on the certification exam provides an opportunity to showcase your design and engineering ability to businesses and professionals and prove that you can help with product development. But reaching for your full potential will not only help you stand out. It can also help lead to a promotion, new job, or higher salary. The first step of the process is to sign up for an Omaha SOLIDWORKS certification course that covers the content and format of the test you plan to take.

Omaha SOLIDWORKS certification training can prepare you for many different exams. Each certification test comes with its own time limit. The number of questions varies depending on the exam as well. Some of the tests you can take include the Mechanical Design, Additive Manufacturing, or Sustainability exams at the Associate level. Professional level options include the CAM, Model-Based Design, and Drawing Tools exams while there are two Expert level tests: Mechanical Design and Simulation. Each test covers a great many skills and concepts. An Omaha SOLIDWORKS certification class can provide a review of everything included on the exam to refresh your mind. The leadership of your instructor and collaboration of your classmates can help deepen your understanding of more difficult topics.

Attending a virtual classroom means you can collaborate with a group of like-minded professionals with similar goals. Group study can also boost your confidence. Each instructor has been carefully selected based on several factors. They must be knowledgeable, as well as passionate and able to communicate effectively with groups of people. In-depth lectures and discussions are delivered via the Internet. You are able to study from home, the Millard Branch of the Omaha Public Library, or anywhere you can connect to the internet. This also cuts out travel time and the need to rush to arrive at a specific location at a specific time.

Sketch tools, design tables, material strength, and draft analysis are just some topics an Omaha SOLIDWORKS certification course can cover. But covering content specific to the exam is not the only benefit of these courses. Your instructor can also review the format of the test and explain useful strategies to help with difficult questions and time management on the exam. For example, you can practice eliminating wrong answer choices or looking for clues that can point to one selection or another. By listening to your instructor and completing practice tests, you can know what to expect on the test and improve your confidence in your abilities as you approach the day of the exam.

Omaha SOLIDWORKS certification training provides you with an opportunity to study in a productive environment. Working with a qualified instructor and a group of your peers can be motivating. Studying on your own may not necessarily address your particular needs. A better approach is available, and you do not have to shuffle your schedule around to make time for it. There are many scheduling options for these services. You can find an Omaha SOLIDWORKS certification course that lasts for two or four weeks. New sections start monthly so if you contact Varsity Tutors, an educational consultant can answer your questions and find the next available course at the most convenient time. You can connect with an educational consultant online or over the phone.

SOLIDWORKS Certifications

  • CSWA - Mechanical Design
  • CSWA - Mechanical Design - Academic Version
  • CSWA-Simulation
  • CSWA-Additive Manufacturing
  • CSWA-Electrical
  • CSWA–Sustainability
  • Platform Explorer Associate
  • CSWP - Mechanical Design
  • CSWP - Mechanical Design - Academic Version
  • CSWP-Simulation
  • CSWP-Model Based Design
  • CSWPA-Drawing Tools
  • CSWPA-Mold Making
  • CSWPA-Sheet Metal
  • CSWPA-Surfacing
  • CSWPA-Weldments
  • Certified PDM Professional Administrator (CPPA)
  • CSWE - Mechanical Design
  • CSWE – Simulation

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