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Product design professionals looking to boost their credibility and professional prospects frequently seek out SOLIDWORKS certifications, and Varsity Tutors can get you set up with Buffalo SOLIDWORKS certification training to get you ready for these tests. As an industry-leading 3D computer-assisted design (CAD) software, SOLIDWORKS is well-known among product design professionals, and certifications attesting to your expertise in the software's use and dedication to professional advancement can be valuable as you seek employment, promotions, or leverage in pay negotiations. Given the significant benefits, it's not surprising that the associated tests can be very difficult.

There are three distinct levels of SOLIDWORKS certification: Associate, Professional, and Expert. In total, there are 20 exams available. There are only prerequisites associated with the Expert level series which require you to have successfully taken certain combinations of Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) and Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) exams. In each exam, candidates are assessed on their ability to apply 3D design principles using the software, evaluating knowledge and skills in a very specific way. In the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate-Mechanical Design test, you will be asked about how to incorporate reference geometry with the software. In the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional-Simulation (CSWP-Simulation) exam, you will be asked to create a specific part based on a drawing. The scope of the material and the depth of knowledge required to make adequate preparation for these tests important.

A big benefit to using a Buffalo SOLIDWORKS certification course to satisfy your preparation needs is that you get an in-depth review of the relevant material. Odds are, if you're considering taking a SOLIDWORKS certification exam, you're probably pretty familiar with the software already. These tests, though, are focused on specific topics and tools, and at times use very particular question structures to determine your proficiency. Your Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate-Sustainability (CSWA-Sustainability) exam, for instance, is going to cover very different ideas and software features than a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional-Drawing Tools (CSWP-DT) test. Whether you take a two or four-week class, you can get a detailed overview of the material and question types you're likely to encounter when you sit down for a given test, leaving you confident that you're ready for whatever might come up.

Another significant benefit to Buffalo SOLIDWORKS certification training is that it affords you an opportunity to engage in collaborative learning. When you're studying on your own, there's no one to turn to when you need clarification or explanation. In a class setting, though, you can ask questions and get answers from instructors with expertise in the exact tasks in front of you. You also get a chance to learn from your classmates. Like you, they are likely to be product designers familiar with SOLIDWORKS. They may have additional insights beyond the answers to questions you receive from your instructor and might ask questions themselves that had never occurred to you. The result is that you may learn lessons that not only help you better prepare for the certification exams but give you tools you can bring back to your current work.

Having a busy schedule doesn't have to be a barrier to your preparation. The great thing about taking a Buffalo SOLIDWORKS certification class is that it's conducted entirely online. You don't need to worry about getting to a specific place at a specific time. You can work wherever and whenever it is convenient for you, be that over your morning coffee at home before work or at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library.

If you're a product design professional ready to jumpstart your career prospects with a SOLIDWORKS certification, investing in Buffalo SOLIDWORKS certification training can pay dividends. Reach out to Varsity Tutors to get enrolled in one of the upcoming sections.

SOLIDWORKS Certifications

  • CSWA - Mechanical Design
  • CSWA - Mechanical Design - Academic Version
  • CSWA-Simulation
  • CSWA-Additive Manufacturing
  • CSWA-Electrical
  • CSWA–Sustainability
  • Platform Explorer Associate
  • CSWP - Mechanical Design
  • CSWP - Mechanical Design - Academic Version
  • CSWP-Simulation
  • CSWP-Model Based Design
  • CSWPA-Drawing Tools
  • CSWPA-Mold Making
  • CSWPA-Sheet Metal
  • CSWPA-Surfacing
  • CSWPA-Weldments
  • Certified PDM Professional Administrator (CPPA)
  • CSWE - Mechanical Design
  • CSWE – Simulation

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