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Varsity Tutors can set you up with Tampa SOLIDWORKS certification training at the Associate, Professional, or Expert levels if you are preparing for one of these certification exams. There are over 20 different certifications in this area. Each provides a benchmark for measuring your knowledge of SOLIDWORKS software and competency in using the 3D design environment for product development, design, and engineering. By focusing on your review and test prep, a Tampa SOLIDWORKS certification course can help you reach for goals such as landing a new job, getting promoted, or negotiating a higher salary at your current employer.

As has been mentioned, there are many certification exams in this area. Each test varies in length with different numbers of questions and time limits. Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) exams include the Mechanical Design: CSWA exam and Additive Manufacturing: CSWA-AM exam, while the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) and Professional Advanced (CSWPA) tests also cover a wide range of options, including the Mold Making: CSWPA-MM exam. The most challenging tests include the Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE) tests that encompass Mechanical Design and Simulation exams. Most SOLIDWORKS certifications do not have prerequisites. Only the CSWE, which requires having passed the CSWP exam and at least four advanced topic tests, and the CSWE-S, which requires having passed the CSWP, CSWA-S, and CSWP-s exams, have prerequisite requirements.

Your Tampa SOLIDWORKS certification training can cover content in any one of these and more. By knowing the exact material that will be on the respective test, having a thorough refresher, and receiving help that can deepen your understanding of concepts, you can approach your exam with more confidence. Course topics can include using sketch tools or inserting components for the CSWA exam or updating parameters and dimension sizes for the CSWP. An experienced and vetted instructor leads each online study session. This enables you to collaborate in an environment conducive to learning with others preparing for their certification. Your instructor can even cover engineering mechanics, the strength of materials, and a range of applied concepts assessed in the simulation exam.

Each Tampa SOLIDWORKS certification class takes place in a virtual classroom. You do not have to commute to a physical location or travel at all. It is possible to study from home or another location such as the Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library. In-depth lectures and discussions can cover the topics and concepts you will be tested on, and each instructor has been selected based on their knowledge and communication skills. They can guide you through the format of the exam. Aside from being proficient in all the skills measured, it helps to be familiar with how the questions are phrased and how the test is structured. You may have an opportunity to practice with the question types on the exam and apply useful strategies such as eliminating wrong answers first, among others that can help you make the most efficient use of your time.

During each Tampa SOLIDWORKS certification course, you can collaborate with your peers, interact in groups, and ask questions. You can for a one-on-one meeting with your instructor if you require additional assistance. It is also easy to find a course that fits in your schedule. Our educational consultants can get you started quickly so you can get moving on your test prep. Options start monthly, with two-week and four-week sections available.

Learn more about signing up by contacting Varsity Tutors. Call us today and speak to an educational consultant to learn more, have your questions answered, and start reaching for your full potential, starting with the next available Tampa SOLIDWORKS certification training course.

SOLIDWORKS Certifications

  • CSWA - Mechanical Design
  • CSWA - Mechanical Design - Academic Version
  • CSWA-Simulation
  • CSWA-Additive Manufacturing
  • CSWA-Electrical
  • CSWA–Sustainability
  • Platform Explorer Associate
  • CSWP - Mechanical Design
  • CSWP - Mechanical Design - Academic Version
  • CSWP-Simulation
  • CSWP-Model Based Design
  • CSWPA-Drawing Tools
  • CSWPA-Mold Making
  • CSWPA-Sheet Metal
  • CSWPA-Surfacing
  • CSWPA-Weldments
  • Certified PDM Professional Administrator (CPPA)
  • CSWE - Mechanical Design
  • CSWE – Simulation

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