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Varsity Tutors can help you begin your career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by setting you up with a Louisville CPA exam program designed to help you get ahead. If you're planning on becoming a CPA, you first need to satisfy the "Three Es" criteria: education, examination, and experience. This means that you should have studied accounting or a similar degree program in college, have experience as an accountant, and pass the CPA exam. You'll need to meet all three of these requirements before you can receive your license and start working as a CPA.

There's nothing easy about becoming a CPA. The assessment is a four-part exam that covers a number of important concepts related to accounting and working as a CPA. Moreover, each part of the assessment is comprehensive and is closer to an individual exam than part of an assessment. Even top accounting students attending institutions like Bellarmine University and the University of Louisville have struggled with the CPA exam. If you're looking for a way to study efficiently, building your working knowledge and learning how to better prepare for test day, try working with a private tutor or enrolling in an online Louisville CPA exam prep course. Let's look at how these programs can help.

What concepts will be covered during Louisville CPA exam prep?

You have two exam prep programs to choose from: online classes taught by a professional instructor or private one-on-one tutoring sessions. Both study methods have their own advantages, but the content covered is relatively the same. Because the CPA exam prep programs are designed to help people prepare for the assessment, you can expect to see all the essential content covered in both types of instruction. Regardless of which program you choose, you'll review key areas like Financial Management, Select Financial Statement Accounts, and Economic Concepts and Analysis, along with plenty of other essential topics.

Learning through a CPA exam prep program also gives you the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the four sections of the exam. These sections are Auditing & Attestation, Business Environment & Concepts, Financial Accounting & Reporting, and Regulation. What's more, the focus of the program isn't just to memorize concepts but to learn how to apply them outside the classroom as well. That way, you'll be better equipped to actually draw upon your studies and use that information to help you with task-based simulations and many of the multiple-choice questions on the exam.

Another important concept that can be covered during exam prep is test-taking skills. The CPA exam is a lengthy standardized test that looks at a wide range of accounting-related topics. Unfortunately, many students struggle with this exam because they're not used to standardized tests. Participating in a prep program will give you the opportunity to mentally prepare for the exam, as well as learn various tips to improve time management, organizational skills, and critical thinking, so that you're better prepared for the exam.

What are the benefits of the different types of Louisville CPA exam prep?

While both methods of instruction help you prepare for the CPA exam, they also offer a number of other benefits to help you succeed. If you decide to enroll in an online Louisville CPA exam prep class, you follow a structured learning program that covers all the essential CPA concepts. Classes are accessed over our Live Learning Platform using tools like video chat and virtual whiteboards. As you follow along with the instructor, you're given the opportunity to engage in discussions surrounding the content with your classmates. For many students, this level of collaboration has been helpful in remembering and understanding key concepts.

Studying with a private Louisville CPA exam prep tutor lets you learn through a custom-tailored curriculum. If you're someone who has a preferred learning style, this is a great way to memorize and understand content. Your tutor can cover important concepts in a way that complements your learning styles, using meaningful discussions and hands-on activities to help you study. You can also use private tutoring sessions as a way to focus on key aspects. For example, you can choose to receive general CPA exam prep, or you can devote your time to studying a single portion of the test. With private instruction, you're in control of your lessons.

How can I get set up with Louisville CPA exam preparation?

Ready to change the way you study for the better? Contact Varsity Tutors and ask for more information about Louisville CPA exam prep. Our educational consultants are happy to answer any questions and will even help you find a private tutor or enroll you in an online course. Contact us today!

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