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Adapting a Musical
This lesson explores the implications of developing a musical from a literary text or an historical event, and includes suggestions for immersing students into the creative process of building a musical. After choosing a text, students will consider what the most important elements of the story are, how they can be brought to life on stage and through creative movement and song.

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Dramatic Feelings
Students will examine a feeling word and represent it in a dramatic presentation. Through this, students will present and observe the different situations that different feelings can exist in.

Noh Theater
Students study the art of the Japanese Noh theater and act out a Noh play. In learning about the history, theatrical elements, music and dance, and costuming, they are also comparing and contrasting these to the other theater elements they have studied involving Greek, Elizabethan and Modern Theater. Students will be assigned or allowed to choose essay questions that they will need to research and answer. They will prepare a handout for the class on the topic, and present their findings topic to the class. Designed for high school.

Reliving History Through Slave Narratives
After reading narratives from former slaves that were recorded in the 1930's as part of the Federal Writers' Project, students conduct research on slavery and tell a story based on their findings. The lesson incorporates an exploration of storytelling techniques. Designed for grades 5-8.

Theatre History
An extensive collection of links forming a broad overview of the theater.