The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

Ezra Jack Keats
The author's official site.

Ezra Jack Keats Everyday Edits
Given a paragraph about Ezra Jack Keats, students edit it for punctuation and other errors.

Classroom Instruction: The Snowy Day
Activities to build skills in sequencing, writing lists, and identifying seasons. Information for an author study. Includes printables. This 9-page document requires Adobe Reader for access.

Critical Thinking and Art with The Snowy Day
Students describe what makes illustrations worthy of a Caldecott Award. Then they complete an art project that uses the same techniques (collage) as the illustrations in the book.

Smart Snowmen
Several learning activities involving language, counting, science, music, and art.

The Snowy Day
Several learning activities including math, science, art, and writing, designed for early childhood. Includes printables.

The Snowy Day
Learning activities including sequencing and writing.

The Snowy Day
The story adapted using Boardmaker picture communication symbols. Access to this 2-page document requires Adobe Reader.

The Snowy Day
The story adapted using Writing with Symbols. Access to this 7-page document requires Adobe Reader.

The Snowy Day
Students try to predict the ending.

The Snowy Day
After listening to the first half of the book, students draw inferences and write an ending.

The Snowy Day Discussion Guide
Five discussion questions.

The Snowy Day Lesson Plan
Students make snowflakes from tortilla shells as part of a lesson on snow.

The Snowy Day Science Lesson
Students record observations of melting snow.

The Snowy Day : Very Cold Colors
This art lesson includes work with fine motor skills and vocabulary. Access to this 3-page document requires Adobe Reader.

Winter Science
Students work with a classroom thermometer, construct a graph to track temperature changes, and use tally marks in a survey. Access to this 8-page document requires Adobe Reader.