Poets "G"
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Swimming Upstream by Kristine George
This page offers a companion guide of writing activities, a discussion guide, and an audio file of poetry.

Allen Ginsberg
The Allen Ginsberg Trust offers biography, lectures, interview, audio and video clips, and photographs.

Poetry on Film: Interpreting "Howl" in the 21st Century
Students consider a film about Allen Ginsberg’s "Howl," study the poem and express their ideas about poetry, their generation and life in writing and on film.

Nikki Giovanni
Teaching ideas and links to poems.

"The Red Poppy" by Louise Glück
Text of the poem and audio file of the poet reading it.

Louise Glück: Online Resources
A collection of biography, interviews, and a few recordings of the poet reading.

Oliver Goldsmith, "The Village Schoolmaster"
Background, analysis, and ideas for responding to the poem.

Cool Melons — Turn to Frogs! by Matthew Gollub
This teacher's guide includes summary and background, prereading questions, vocabulary, reader response questions, strategies for ESL and interdisciplinary connections.

"Dear Bryan Wynter" by W. S. Graham
Text and analysis.

Nikki Grimes
Links to ideas for teaching children's poetry and books.

Poetry Pairing: "For My Wife Cutting My Hair" by Bruce Guernsey
This page includes the text of the poem and an article about a man going to a barber for the first time since his wife left him.