Marilyn Nelson, A Wreath for Emmett Till
Lesson plans and activities

| Biography and Background | | A Wreath for Emmett Till | | Other Poems |

Biography and Background

Marilyn Nelson
Brief biography and links to poems.

Marilyn Nelson
Biography and list of published works, some related links.

Marilyn Nelson
Brief biography and a link to her poem "How I Discovered Poetry."

Marilyn Nelson
Video of Nelson's poetry reading from Bookfest '03.

A Wreath for Emmett Till

A Wreath for Emmett Till by Marilyn Nelson
This teachers guide includes prereading, postreading, and extension activities. It also has a short bibliography of related resources.

Emmett Till: A Classroom Sonnet
In this lesson students write a sonnet to memorialize Emmett Till.

"Emmet Till": A Poem of Sorrow, and Hope
Click on the link to hear Nelson read the entire sonnet sequence, A Wreath for Emmet Till."

Other Poems

Booktalk for Pemba's Song by Marilyn Nelson
At this site find a link to a video booktalk and a transcript.

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