Franz Kafka
Lesson plans for The Metamorphosis

Kafka, Franz: Metamorphosis
This page includes a summary and some commentary.

Downloadable text of the novella in multiple formats, including EPUB and Kindle.

Kafka's Metamorphosis
This lesson plan focuses on symbolism. It includes vocabulary, standards, and a plan for evaluation. Click on "View discussion questions" and "Watch a video clip" under the graphic of the video. A video is available but is not essential to the lesson.

The Metamorphosis
A variety of reading strategies for this book, including a directed reading-thinking activity, a problematic situation, and a vocabulary activity. Adobe Reader required to access parts.

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
Eight activities to help students understand the symbolism, setting, and characterization in the novella.

Metamorphosis Study Guide
Three sets of questions to help students analyze Kafka's work.

The Kafka Project
Online texts of Kafka's works.

Study Guide for The Metamorphosis
A generous collection of resources, including active reading, graphic organizers, and vocabulary. This document requires Adobe Reader for access.

Vocabulary for Metamorphosis
Words are presented by section (follow links at the top), in context and with definitions. Click on a word for pronunciation, examples of other use, synonyms, more.